SUN Poem | Sun Quotes Morning Status Caption

I want to be the sun to solve all the darkness
Especially when moaning by your side.
Like an arrangement of flowers in green leaves early in the morning
Absorb my rays and chase away as much trouble as possible.

When the gentle breeze blows over you
Float the boat of happiness and go home with family.
Your leaves will shine green with my light
Sadness and suffering will not go away any more.

The spelling that is spoken in the heart of your pages
I know there will be a jalsa in the color of thousands of birds.
I will stay all day in the distant blue
At the end of the day, the sun sets.

Then you call all Jonakire
See how much they will dance around you.
A thousand stars will smile from the distant sky
Watching the moon play between the waves of your leaves.
Forget all the troubles in this essay of Nishidin
I will come tomorrow when I give myself.
If anything is covered in a sheet of storm clouds
If you have an urge, call me.
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