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In this post I am going to share with you quotes about middle class. You can also use these quotes as middle class status or middle class captions. So without further ado let's get started.

Quotes About Middle Class:

1) "Throwing the throat of the wishes and keeping the dream alive, I live in the middle class, the dying people."

2) "Kalpjal's canoe, I came across the road many times, my forehead is middle-class, so I lost my way."

3) “Behind the ditch in front of the mountain, I am in danger. I go back and forth with the struggle to climb the mountain. Read a lot, get the degrees, puff your lips and praise the fortune of the middle class .

4) "You walk around the house with a lot of pride. Well, only the best knows whether the day will come or not. "Responsibility is the soul of the backward middle class."

5) “If you lose, keep your nose alive. If you fall into failure, you will lose your way. You have to win the fight, take care early, you middle class."

6) "Fire in the mind. Cut into pieces. The sky can leap , you can catch a handful of clouds. Lies I tell the nose, not that gold is the word of hope. The empty seeds of the middle class are endless possibilities.”

7) “ Being a huge tree, you fill the sky with green leaves. Fill it with bird song, give it to the new account of winning the war. Middle-class gunpowder Tarre Vebona a small. Light the matches of the mind and see what can explode. 

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8) "A middle class only knows the suffering of another middle class!"

9) “It is not a crime to be born middle class but it is a crime to die middle class!”

10) “I may not know how to influence the world, but I can say that I will act in such a way that the world must be influenced by my work! I am that middle class!”

11) “There is no point in being upset because of the middle class! No one can beat you until you lose to yourself!”

12) “Yes, I am middle class! After wearing sweaty clothes, I went back to work. Yes I am middle class with no regrets but Boro has dreams, yes I am middle class!”

13) “I don't know who coined the word middle class, but it seems that there is no such thing as middle class, rich or poor in mind. 

A poor or middle-class person can be rich in heart, and a rich person can be very poor in heart!”

14) “A strange thing happens in the life of middle class boys. They want something else to read but they are burned by something else and eventually they become something else.”

15) "Middle-class boys may not study very far, but they learn life's lessons very quickly and very much!"

16) “Only the eldest son of a middle-class family knows how to put a smile on the face of the whole family who sacrifices his little pleasures!”

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