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Depression is a subject with 
I have survived since I was a teenager.

One on every page of my life 
There are depressing and difficult terms.

Don't cling to yesterday. 
It was beautiful, but it was yesterday.

Depression starts from frustration. 

Depression is like a cancer 
Starts in one place but the rest of the body 
Spread in parts and for success 
Destroys all emotions.

I am from Tara's point of view 
Seen the world and it's unbearable 
Looked lonely.

Everything we are leaving behind 
Much, much better things than that 
is ahead

It's sad when you know 
Someone becomes someone you know.

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To give what we expect 
Life has no obligations.

Rain is my best friend because rain 
Don't let others see my tears.

i'm not tired 
I don't want to wake up.

I gave you my heart, 
I returned it to pieces 
I didn't expect to get it.

I hate that moment 
When suddenly my anger burst into tears 

What is wrong when nothing is right 
This question is difficult to answer.

The most beautiful smile is the deepest mystery 
The most beautiful eyes are the most 
cried more And 
The kindest heart is the most 
felt more pain.

A little lie is someone's life 
can spoil

But you can cry a thousand times 
It won't erase those memories 

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