English Inspiration Attitude Love Sad Quotes in 2023

Create terror like a lion, 
Otherwise  , even dogs know that fear is in vain 
to show

i don't finish
I finish the story. 

Right is right and wrong is wrong 
Have the courage to speak.
So these days keep the relationship less.

Time  will  tell the limit,
Some ponds to themselves 
I think the sea.

that didn't understand me,
He has the right 
make me feel bad 

The pieces of glass also belong to the sun 
shine in the light,
But diamonds in the dark 
can be identified.

I'm good if I'm good 
let it be
Bad tolerance 
you don't have

Our name is not so weak 
In  the voice of two or four enemies 
will become infamous.

They make me live 
way says
Whose dignity is mine 
Not equal to attitude.

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Change yourself as much as you can 
Dropped, now who has a complaint 
He should change his ways.

You test my personality 
Can't, I'm just for them 
Those who know my worth.

I am silent, not speechless,
I am  a predator, not a victim.

I forgot those people
Whom I mistake 
I chose

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