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Travel is not without passion, right? Today I am going to share some emotional quotes with you. You can also use these quotes as travel captions or travel status. So let's start without further ado!

Quotes About Travel:

1. "The musical moments of the journey add to the warmth of the memories of my little house . "

2. "That knee, that tree , that acacia floor. That Gafur Mia, that Mahesh, the exhilaration of travel has brought me out of the pit of Kalur bulls.”

3. “The sea is not big, neither are the mountains. Our field of vision is bigger than that. Endless travel can satisfy that vision's hunger.”

4. I do not like to know the secret of death , because it is elusive. Many of the secrets of the beyond can be touched by embarking on a journey.”

5. "Travel alone can give itself the status of discoverer."

6. “The joys of travel never fade like a selfie taken on a mobile phone. The beads of the mind become as permanent as the studio photos.

7. "Only the vacation of travel can increase the love of the abandoned lane and house."

8. "Hearing with the ear and seeing with the eye is very different - although the ear and the eye are side by side. Travel can only bridge the real distance between the two.”

9. "You can touch a lot of history if you can travel."

10. "Travel is such a word - a waste to the miser, a mine of joy to the temperamental, the melody of a star to the Baul, and a search for nectar to the sage Muni."

11. "The distant horizon shrouded in the mysteries of Kalpjal fades in a flash to your wanderlust mind."

12. “The footprints of my journey will fade away, followed by a crowd of new enthusiastic feet. The prices of feeling cannot be met only from the mind.”

13. "Sunrise and sunset hide-and-seek on mountaintops and deep in oceans make the world child forget all the fatigue of travel."

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