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I want you there too
Where people only go to seek happiness.!!

Everything in silence without saying anything 
Accept, that too someone 
A different way of loving.

Life also needs storms, 
Who holds whose hand and who lets  go 

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To have wrong ideas in life is to make mistakes
More dangerous than!!

If there is a fight with a loved one 
Losing becomes necessary.

The whole childhood has passed 
In improving handwriting
And life is spent on the keyboard.

If you want to achieve something in life,
Change the path, not the destiny..!!

oh life 
Salute to your consciousness,
I know the destination is death, but I am running.

From the unknown to the special 
The journey is beautiful.

Life is a dream 
Travel to another dream.

People go, memories don't.

Life is beautiful if you are 
Be with the right person.

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If purpose is strong, fortune changes,
Otherwise blame fate 
Life passes.

Be free from thoughts 
But stick to values.


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