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Is your, your friend's or your loved one's wedding anniversary coming up? Very very congratulations! But this time they have to wish someone a wedding anniversary, right? And for that today I have prepared for you some of the best wedding anniversary wishes collection.

Be it parents, sisters, aunts, brothers, grandfathers, spouses, and friends, I have come up with some good wedding anniversary wishes suitable for every relationship. So without further ado let's get started.

1. “Happy wedding anniversary mom and dad! I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have amazing parents in my life It always makes my heart happy to see the true love between you two. As your beloved daughter/son, I see perfection in both of you. I love you so much.”

2. “ Congratulations on another year of loving each other and making memories together . Happy Wedding Anniversary Dear Mom and Dad!”

3. "There are no words that can describe my happiness today Congratulations, both of you, on another wonderful year together. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!”

4. “ It has been a long journey but certainly filled with many happy memories together. Parents wish you both a happy wedding anniversary! May you continue to bless us like this for thousands of years to come!”

5. “You deserve a big thank you from us for loving each other all these years Thank you for never losing faith in each other, and thank you for giving us a happy family. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!”

6. “You two have taught us how to love someone unconditionally and how to hold each other up through hard times. You are the perfect couple in the world. Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!”

7. "Happy wedding anniversary parents! The way you love each other, care for each other and protect each other through all the good and bad times of life is truly an inspiration to us !”

8. “After your marriage, my birth was the greatest gift to you. Again, having parents like you was the greatest gift for me after my birth. Happy wedding anniversary mom and dad!”

9. “No one cared for us like a mother and no one protected us like a father. On this day, we wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary !”

10. “ A very happy wedding anniversary to the best sister and son-in-law in the world!”

11. “Dear {sister's name}, we have seen love , faith , tolerance and tenacity in your marriage every time. I hope you live happily ever after . Wishing you a very special wedding anniversary!”

12. “I am very happy to see that your married life is going well. I wish you all happiness and unity on this day ! Happy wedding anniversary {sister's nickname}.”

13. “I congratulate you on another happy married year of your life. May you have many more years of love, laughter and happiness . Happy wedding anniversary dear sister/sister nickname!”

14. “Dear Sister/Sister Nickname, Sending you lots of love and wishes for your wedding anniversary ! I wish you both a very, very happy anniversary.”

15. “Dear {sister's name}, you look your best when you stand with your life partner I always wish that the love between you remains like this and grows richer with time. Happy wedding anniversary to you both!”

16. “Dear sister/sister nickname, I want to tell you how much I love seeing you two together. You look so cute together . Happy wedding anniversary sister!”

17. “Praying for you from my heart that you will always be loved by all , this love will not be frowned upon, your love will be longer than the moon and stars… Happy Wedding Anniversary Didi!”

18. “Dear Didi and Jiju, I wish you all the best for another good year on your journey . May you live together like this for thousands of years. Happy wedding anniversary!”

19. “Congratulations and best wishes to you both on your wedding anniversary. May each new day bring lots of success and happiness in your life… Happy Wedding Anniversary Di O Jiju.”

20. "After all the troubles , you arranged this beautiful relationship with love. Wishing you a beautiful day, happy wedding anniversary sister.”

21. “May this wonderful couple of yours always be together and have a happy everyday. Happy wedding anniversary sister.”

22. “Dear {nickname for younger brother} have a very happy wedding anniversary! You two are my favorite people in the world! I always wish you a very happy married life.”

23. “Congratulations on holding each other through all of life's ups and downs. You are an inspiration to us . Wishing you a very happy life and a happy wedding anniversary, dear {nickname of younger brother}.”

24. “I see your love growing stronger and deeper every day and I wish the same! Happy wedding anniversary, bro! May you have an everlasting love filled married life! Always be happy and stay healthy.”

25. “ Congratulations on this day brother, the day you and the love of your life made each other forever. Happy wedding anniversary wishes.”

Grandpa's wedding anniversary wishes Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Elder Brother In English

26. "Happy Wedding Anniversary Grandpa Boudi, Congratulations on creating another year full of beautiful memories."

27. "Grandpa, it seems like you got married a few days ago, right? Ca n't understand how fast time is going ! Wishing you and the bride-to-be a very happy wedding anniversary!”

28. “Grandpa, you know you and Baudi will be the best couple in my heart forever. Hope next year will be the happiest year of your married life. Happy wedding anniversary grandpa!” [Do you call grandpa ' you '? Then you can also send this message 🙂]

29. “Happy wedding anniversary grandpa. Another year passes and yet you never learn that you are always wrong and Boudi is always right.” [Want to send a little sock or funny wedding anniversary wishes? then send it 🙂]

30. “I consider myself a lucky wife in this world to have such a loving and responsible husband. I thank God everyday for having you in my life. Happy wedding anniversary!”

31. “I thank you so much for not only being my husband, but for being my soul mate . Happy wedding anniversary!”

32. “It makes me nothing but happy to spend a year by the side of such a wonderful person. I truly cannot express how blessed I am to have a husband like you Thanks for being the perfect partner. Happy anniversary!”

33. “Happy wedding anniversary! Life wouldn't have been so beautiful if you weren't by my side to pick me up every time I fell behind. I love you forever.”

34. "Today is the most special day of my life . I am having a great time with the one I love the most. Nothing could make me happier than that. Happy wedding anniversary dear {as the husband is affectionately called}!”

35. “There was never a moment in our married life when I didn't feel your love. Even in your anger, I could see your love for me. I hope our love lasts forever. Happy wedding anniversary!”

36. “Life has given me many reasons to be happy. But I am most happy because life has given me a precious gift like you . Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife.”

37. “It doesn't matter how many times I tell you I love you; Actually, I'm never too old to say I love you . Thank you for being kind, compassionate and patient with me all these years. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary from the bottom of my heart, dear {name of loving wife}.”

38. “Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife! I always feel happy to have you as my wife I love you so much.”

39. “ Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Happy wedding anniversary to the most special person in my life!”

40. “ Happy wedding anniversary to the most beautiful couple in the world. Eat, enjoy life and love one another!”

41. “Happy wedding anniversary {friend name}! May your marriage be filled with laughter, joy and happiness, so I always wish.”

42. “I hope that your love grows stronger every day and that the years of your married life will be long and wonderful. Happy wedding anniversary dear friend.”

43. “I wish you a peaceful happy married life with many magical moments Happy wedding anniversary my dear friend {friend's name}.”

44. “ Fate brought you together and you respect each other with unconditional love. My dear friend, I wish you a lovely wedding anniversary !”

45. “Happy wedding anniversary, dear friend! Hope the journey turns out to be magical !”

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