3 Best Unlimited Online Free Calling Websites Lists

Today we are going to know about 3 very interesting and at the same time helpful websites from where you can make local and international calls absolutely free.

And I am not talking about any Internet to Internet call here, I am talking about our traditional phone calls or mobile and landline calls.

That is, from these three websites, you can directly call someone else's mobile using the Internet, just like a normal phone call.

free calling websites without registration

If any of your family members, friends or relatives are abroad in countries like America etc. then you can call them completely free.

You no longer need to spend money separately to recharge the international pack, you can make free international calls from these websites. like free wifi calling online.

So without wasting more time we did not know what those 3 websites are and how we can make free calls from there.

1. Globfone

The name of our first online free calling website is Globfone as I told you this site is completely free i.e. you can make calls completely free.

And some more good aspect of this site is that you don't need to register or sign up to use this site.

And apart from making free calls, you will also get features like free SMS, video chat and file sharing from here.

Just type Globfone in Google and click on the first search result to go to the website. best 3 free internet calling app.

And if you click on Call Phone above, the dial pad will come in front of you and after inputting the phone number and clicking on Call, the call will go away.

2. Evaphone

The second site is Ievaphone which is also free like the first site and does not require creating an account to make phone calls.

But like Golbfone you won't get so many features here but it has Android and iPhone apps which you can install from playstore and use.

This site is also very easy to use just type it in google and visit the website and dial the phone number and click on the call button.

Let us tell you that this site is completely free or limited in some aspects and in some cases you have to buy call minutes with money. In case of making international calls, you will definitely get free for some limited minutes.

3. Makefreecallsonline

Our last and best site is Makefreecallsonline though the name is a bit big but it definitely does a lot of work especially for making international calls for free calling websites ios.

There is nothing special to say about this site, it is completely free like the 2 sites above, but you must know that there is a great little bonus for you below.

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