How To Use Mobile Internet on Computer Hotspot

Most of us know how to run internet on laptop with mobile hotspot. But many of us don't know how to run Internet on Dexpot with mobile or mobile hotspot. This is what we will discuss today, hope you read the entire tune carefully. 

To run internet on desktop with mobile we need a mobile and a USB cable. If you have these you can easily run internet on your computer. So without further ado let's get started.

First turn on your mobile data. Because if you don't turn on the data, the computer will connect to the net, but you won't be able to browse, so turn on the data. Another thing is that if your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi, then you don't need to turn on data. 

You can access the Internet on your computer through Wi-Fi. And connect your USB cable to your computer and mobile properly. Once the cable is connected, access your mobile's settings option.

After coming to settings you will see various options. From there click on More option. This option may be elsewhere in your settings. If not then find hotspot option from your mobile settings.

After coming here you will see many options here too. From there click on Tethering & portable hotspot option.

mobile hotspot

From here you just enable the USB Tethering option. That's fine, but the USB cable must be connected to the computer and mobile. Otherwise you cannot share data. After enabling the option, you will see that Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer. And you can use internet on your computer.

It was a very small setting but not many people know about it. So I made this tune to inform them. Hope you will benefit a lot.

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