How to Get Free Domain and Hosting For Your Website Lifetime

Hello friends, hope you are doing well. Nowadays many of us who learn web design need a domain hosting. To learn about domain hosting or to enhance your skills or to see your website live. For whatever reason a web designer or a web developer needs domains and hosting. But for those who are new in this sector, money is not possible. Many people asked me, how to get free domain hosting? and what is best free hosting sites? Today, i will show you some tips. let's start... 

Or if you want to buy a domain from an external website, you need a donor, which is not available to everyone. Due to which domain and hosting are no longer separate. This is my tune today for those who are concerned about this. Hope you can get a lot of benefits if you read the whole tune carefully. So without further ado let's get started.

I don't think you know domain and hosting. Because those who read this tune will definitely want to buy domains and hosting knowing this. But for those who don't know, domain is the name or address of a website and hosting is like a memory where you store all the files of your website.

How to get free domain and hosting?

Many companies offer free domain and hosting, one of the most popular being Today I will show you domain and hosting from this website. First click here to get the domain Then you will see a login page like below.

Before opening the account, let's say one thing, here Google Chrome may cause problems without the browser, so try to open the account with Google Chrome. Since we are new here, we will open an account here first. For that you can open it through Facebook and if you want you can also open it through Google. Since I will open through Google, I will click on the LOG IN WITH GOOGLE button.

Here the Google login page will open. From here you will login to your Google account. If the login is correct, you will see a page like below.

After this page is opened in front of you you will see below it is written LET'S CREATE SOME MAGIC Click this button.

Here you will be asked what you want to open the account for or what kind of domain you want. From here select any option as per your wish.

Then this page will open asking you which category of website you have created. From here select the category according to your website.

You will have the option of CMS of the website. You can install WordPress directly from here if you want. And if you want to upload any website you have created here, then click on the Select button in the Upload Your Site option.

The first box here will ask for a name for your web site. You can give a name as you want and if you don't want to give a name then leave it blank and they will create a name by themselves. The name given here will be the domain of your website. Then click SUBMIT button with a strong password.

Then your account will be opened properly and you will get a free domain and hosting. Another thing is that you get a domain and hosting with one account. Now if you want to manage your website then click on Manage website button from the options on the page.

From here you can control everything about the website including your database. Now if you want to upload your website then click on the Upload button from File Manager option from the options on the page.

Here you can upload your website and view it through domain. I hope you know about c-panel so I said nothing more.

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