5 Misconceptions We Have About Linux

Hello friends, hope you all are well and healthy. Today I am here with a tune for your well being and to increase your knowledge. In today's tune I will discuss about our mistakes in knowing about Linux. Hope you read the whole tune carefully. 

So without further ado let's get started.
Linux - We may all be familiar with this term. But it is a mystery to many. Again, many people go around with many misconceptions about Linux. In today's tune, I will attempt to debunk five popular misconceptions.

1. Almost all of us think of Linux as an operating system. This is actually wrong. And in some cases, yes. Let me break it down a bit, technically Linux is a kernel. It is not an operating system. Because when Linus created Linux in 1991, it was a kernel. Kernel is the main part of an operating system. The interface between software and hardware is the kernel. You can also call kernel as bridge.

Long before Linus created the Linux kernel, another company called the GNU Project was trying to create an open source operating system. But they didn't have a good kernel. So they use the Linux kernel in their operating system. 

Then a new operating system was created called GNU/Linux. If we call Linux an operating system then its correct name would be GNU / Linux. Because Linux is a kernel of the GNU operating system. In terms of popularity it is called Linux operating system. If you search by writing Linux in Google, you will see that Linux is written under the operating system.

Now if we call it Linux operating system then it will not be completely wrong. By Linux operating system we mean Linux kernel based GNU operating system. Here's another thing, currently all Linux but not GNU. So it will not be wrong to call Linux an operating system and it will not be wrong to call it a kernel.

2. The second misconception we have about Linux is that we think Linux is a difficult operating system, which common people cannot use. To use it, you need to know the terminal, you need to know the coding.

This is actually wrong. Currently there are many distributions of Linux that are very similar to Windows.

Has a graphical interface, everything can be done by drag and drop. And just like Windows. Linux distributions include Ubuntu Mint POP OS. They can be used by common people.

3. The third misconception we have about Linux is that there are no viruses in Linux. The thing is actually wrong, yes if we talk about 2000 then there was no such virus in Linux. Because Linux was not that popular then. But now the popularity of Linux has spread so much that there are many companies that only use Linux. Linux is used on the server. Due to which the attention of hackers has now shifted towards Linux. But now hackers make viruses for Linux too.

4. A fourth misconception we have about Linux is that we think Linux takes a fair amount of software. This is a misconception. Almost all the software that we use on Windows or Mac have Linux versions. And the softwares that don't have a Linux version have other softwares.

5. The last misconception on today's list is that you can't play games on Linux. This is a misconception, because nowadays games can be played on Linux as well. Some time ago there were many problems with hardware support, due to which major games did not run on Linux. Now hardware companies are slowly increasing support for Linux. Due to which the games are slowly being supported on Linux.

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