What Would Happen If Google Shut Down For 30 Minutes?

We all depend more or less on Google. Because when we open the computer browser, first we start searching with Google. Have you ever thought that if this google is closed for 30 minutes then what will be the effect on our real life? 

I can't resist the temptation to share a little information before I talk about this. And that is, In August 2013, Google was down once for 2-3 minutes. The surprising fact is that in just these 2-3 minutes the entire internet traffic was reduced by 40%. One such incident happened in May 2009 as well. 

Now think if Google is closed for at least 30 minutes in 2016 or later, what will happen? Although today's tune is a tech-based tune, I urge everyone to read it as part tech-humor. Because I was very fond of writing a tech-humor. I want to fulfill that hobby a little through this tune. But without further ado, let's see what happens if Google is off for 30 minutes?

At first no one can believe!

At first no one can believe that Google is not working. As a result, everyone will be busy checking their internet connection for the first few minutes. Some will call their Internet Service Providers to report the problem. Others will start complaining about their computer's hardware malfunctions. Think you can easily believe this event?

What happens when there is faith

Some people will then realize that Google is closed. And some people will be between belief and disbelief. They will desperately keep reloading Google's home page when it works. Because people feel the need for things more when they don't have them. And the things they will do when they realize that Google is closed -

  • People all over the world will be busy sharing screenshots of Google server errors. For example - Error 500!

is google down do a barrel roll what happens when you shut down your phone

  • The Facebook News Feed will go up in flames over Google's shutdown. All the issues Russian has, like militancy, Indian elephants, rape, corruption, everything will disappear under Google.
  • People will start looking for alternative search engines. But what to look for? Because most people don't know that there are other search engines besides Google. Think about how many search engines you know?

  • Microsoft Bing and Yahoo search engines will be flooded with traffic. Because they are the last hope to know the real facts.
  • Search engines like DuckDuckGo (a search engine that never tracks) will get busy with their own campaigns. Some people will think it's a good thing Google shut down, for now people won't be tracked anymore.

  • Many Internet applications that use Google services will stop working. And just because Gmail is closed, the whole world's trade and commerce will collapse.

  • Not only Google, most of the companies in the world that depend on Google will suffer huge business losses.
  • People who use Google Maps can lose their way in the middle of the road.

  • YouTube lovers will sit with their mouths closed and Google's rivals will sing for joy. Some will get busy creating various trolls.

  • But after all this there will be no problem in China. Tell me what is the reason?

What will happen when Google returns to its original form?

When Google comes back after solving all the problems, first they will analyze this problem and give a press briefing. Tech lovers of the world will try to uncover various reasons for this. They will make different tuments without knowing true and false. Also some hackers who will continue to spread stories to gain recognition that they are behind this incident. American hacker groups can also claim this feat. No wonder. Also which can be-

  • Tuner Sanim Mahbir Fahad can do a megatune on HiddneTech, how the tech world is dependent on Google.
  • The media will start analyzing the situation of the entire world in such a decline of Google. Why it happened, whether it will happen again, whether important information was hacked in this incident. Over-sensitive countries and individuals will have sleepless nights worrying about information leaks.
  • Many people will start looking for Google alternatives. They will make alternative arrangements for all Google services. It is said that a house-burnt cow is afraid even if it sees vermilion clouds.
  • Articles from many famous technology blogs will come out, “Google went down for 30 minutes. You won't believe what happened next.” Or "10 things to do when Google goes down the next time". And some tuners like me will translate them and tune them on HiddneTech.

Although this is a tech-humor, all these things may happen in the near future. So an alternative way of everything should be kept open. Because it is foolish to rely completely on anything. We know there is no alternative to Google. But we can think of something other than Google in times of danger. Anyway, hope you had fun. And don't forget to hit the like button (nominate selected tune) below the tune if you enjoy it.

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