wow! Love With Senior Sister

I am Shishir, the only child of my parents, now I am studying in the second year ,,,,,

Well let's get to the story ,,,,,,,

Sitting in the college field, we are all friends chatting ,,,,,, (Shishir, Raj, Tanmoy, Sami ,,,,)

Raj: Dude, look, the rain is coming here ,,,,,

Shishir: Where ,,,,,

Raj: Hey look back ,,,,,

Oma looked and saw that yes the rain is coming towards us ,,,,,,

And let's just say I love the rain, but he doesn't love me because he's my 1 year senior.

I first saw him in the rain wet ,,,, actually his house is next to my house ,,,,

One day when it was raining I saw him there and then I fell in love with him ,,, I have said it many times but I don't love the same thing ,,,,,,

A few days ago, I turned 2 years of one-sided love .......

As soon as the rain came to me ,,,,,,,

Rain: What did you say to my friend Akash?

Shishir: I said ,,, I love him, you will stay away from him ,,,,,,

If I see you in front of him or around him, I will break his arms and legs.

Rain: You are hunting for your own fault ,,,,, (Surprised ......)

Shishir: Hmm ,,,,

I love you ,,,,,,

Rain: How many times will I tell you that I don't love you ,,,,,,

Shishir: But the rain that I love you ......

Rain: How many times have I told you not to call me by my name?

Dew: Rain for what ,,,,,,

He slapped me twice on the cheek ........ (Everyone in the whole college is looking at us ........)

Rain: I told you to do it, I do not love ,,, and you hear the sky, my boyfriend looked at him, I will raise your eyes ,,,,,,,

The rain went away saying the words in one go ,,,,,,

I'm still standing with my hands on my cheeks ,,,,,,,,

Tanmoy: Dude, how many more insults will you be fine ,,,,,,,

Sami: Yes, my friend, I have been watching you for 2 years now, how much he is bothering you.

Today he said again that Akash is her boyfriend and then you ,,,,,,,,

Raj: You have to change ,,,,, you are happy to show him without him ,,,,,,,

Please, friend, it is not for us that you change ,,,,,,

After a while ,,,,,,,,

Shishir: Hmm ,,,,,,,,

I will change, I will change myself ,,,,,


Raj: What ????

Shishir: Can I forget him !!!!

Sami: This is the challenge for you ,,,,,,

I'm listening to them, yes, they are right and if they can make someone else their life partner, then why should I just suffer myself ,,,,,,,

Shishir: I need your help to change myself ,,,,,,

All together ,,,, what

Shishir: I will stay somewhere else for 7 days without seeing him ,,,,,

He must forget that ,,,

But tell me where to stay ,,,,,,

Raj: Where will you stay at my house again ,,,,

I live alone ,,,,,,

Shishir: Then tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock you will be standing outside my house ,,,,,

Raj: Hmm ,,,,,,

Sami: Then none of us will come for a few days ,,,,,

Shishir: Why don't you come ,,,,,

Sami: Are we ever going to class alone without you?

Tanmoy: Hmm ........

Then today I went home without class anymore ,,,,,,

Mom: Why did you leave today?

Shishir: Just like that ,,,,,,

Listen, you will wake me up tomorrow morning. I will stay at their house with my friends for a few days .........

Mom: Okay, okay ,,,,,,

The sky over there ,,,,,,

Akash: Why did you lie to Shishir ,,,,,,

Rain: In fact, I said in anger then ,,,,,,

Akash: ohhh ,,,,,,

Rain at the end of college, Nila, partner they are going home together ,,,,,,

Companion: It's raining, what are you looking at again and again?

Rain: I mean ,,,,,,

Shishir goes home with us every day, he is not coming today, so I saw ,,,,,,

Nila: Why will he come with you ,,,,,,,

You hear him talk so much every day ,,,,,

Today I slapped him again in front of the whole college ,,,,,,

Companion: Hmm, it's raining, I feel bad too ,,,,,

Shishir loves you so much and you gave him this reward ,,,,,,

Rain: Silent ,,,,,,

Nila: If you don't like him, then why is his name on the page of your book ,,,,,,,

You say ,,,,,,

Where is the rain?

Nila: I see ,,,,,,,

Rain: Maybe he's writing ,,,,,,,,

Nila: I know your writing ,,,,,,

Rain: So you're saying I'm lying ,,,,,

Nila: Isn't that so !!!!!

Companion: We are your friends, tell us ,,,,,,

Rain: I was actually reading that day ,,,,

I was just thinking about him so I am writing without knowing it ,,,

Nothing else ,,,,,,

Nila: It is a sign of love ,,,,,,, (with a naughty laugh .......)

Rain: The house is coming, well let's go ,,,,,,

The rain is leaving ,,,,,,,

Nila: If you don't apologize to him ,,,,,

Companion: Hmm ,,,,,,

Rain: Let's see ,,,,,,,,

Going out in the afternoon dew ,,,,,, then the rain in front of him ,,,,,

Dew is passing by ,,,,,,,

Rain: Sorry ,,,,,,,

Shishir: For what ...... (surprised .......)

Rain: For morning use ,,,,,,,,

Shishir: Ohhhh ,,,,,

Ok sister i go ,,,,,,

Surprised to hear of the rain dew, watching him leave ,,,,,,,

Rain has slapped Brishti so much for calling her by her name ,,,, but today Shishir herself has called her Apu ,,,,,,

Rain thinks a boy can talk about how much he's in trouble ,,,,,

Dew goes to his friend's house in the morning ,,,,,,

And the rain is still going to college, but no dew has been seen ,,,,,,,

His girlfriends are asking him if you apologized ,,,, then the rain told them all ,,,,,,

Nila: I think he is in a lot of trouble ,,,,,,

Companion: Hmm ,,,,,

Even if you didn't do it tomorrow, you could ,,,,,,

Nila: Well, let's go to him ,,,,,,,

Rain thought of something and said yes ,,,,,,,

But the whole college did not see any of them in the rain and his girlfriends ,,,,,,,

Rain didn't think he would see the dew at the end of college.

The rain didn't say anything all the way ,,,,,

He comes home ,,,,,

But the only thing is that the boy who used to sit all day to look at him, the boy has not seen him today ,,,,,,,

Rain the next day when I go to college, there is still no dew ,,,,,,,

After coming home, the rain goes to Shishir's house ,,,,,,

Shishir's mother said, "How long will Shishir stay at his friend's house?"

Rain didn't go to college for 7 days ,,,,,,,

The next day when he went to college, his girlfriends were surprised to see him ,,,,,,,

The reason is that the rain has dried up in these 7 days, the eyes are also red, as if he wakes up at night ,,,,,,,

Black spots under the eyes, I think how many tears are involved ,,,,,,,

Nila: Why are you in this condition ,,,,,,

The rain embraces Nila ,,,,,,,,

Nila: Hey, don't tell me what happened ,,,,,,,,

Rain: I fell in love with Shishir ,,,,,,

You know, he's not home yet. I haven't seen him since.

I'm not in too much trouble ,,,,,,,

I am responsible for all this ........ (crying and saying .........)

Nila: So much has happened ,,,,,,,,

Well done ,,,,,,,

My girlfriend fell in love with Shishir ,,,,,,,

Companion: Stop crying, let's find him ,,,,,

Well, he has his phone number, where is he?

Rain: How many times have I called it off ,,,,,,,,

Nila: Ohhhh ,,,,,,

They've been out of college for a long time and I think it's going to rain after a while.

Nila: Let's go home now, it will rain after a while ,,,,,,,

Companion: Look at that side ,,,,,,,

Nila: What ,,,,,,,

Companion: Hey Raj ,,,,,,,,,

Shishir's friend ,,,,,,,

They all go to the king ,,,,,,,,

Nila: This is Raj, where is the dew ,,,,,,,

Raj: I don't know ,,,,,,,

Companion: You are his friend, you don't know why !!!!!

Raj: Even if I know, I won't say ,,,,,,,

Rain: I'm holding your legs. Please don't tell me where he is ........

Raj: Hey hey what are you doing !!!!!

Rain: Tell me, where is he ?????

Raj: How much trouble you gave him that day and now you are coming to find him ,,,,,,,,

Rain: I fell in love with him ,,,,,,,, (crying ........)

Raj: Love ,,,,, You love the sky ,,,,,,,,

Nila: Hey, he is saying that in the head of anger that day ,,,,,,,

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

You know how much he suffered for her ,,,,,,,

Raj: The trees that can be seen are here ,,,,,,,,

The rain ran and went there ,,,,,,,

And his girlfriends at home ,,,,,,,,

Rain went there and saw the dew standing there looking the other way ,,,,,,,,,

It's raining lightly ,,,,,,,,,

And the dew is pouring on the rain ,,,,,,,,

Suddenly the rain covered the dew ,,,,,,

Beyond the dew rain ,,,,,,,,

I was a little surprised to see the dew and then .........

Shishir: Apu, why are you hugging ,,,,,,,,

Rain: What did you say ,,,,,,,,, (holding the dew collar .........)

Shishir: Hey, what are you doing !!!!!

Rain: You like to hurt me, don't you ,,,,, (while crying .........)

You know how much I hurt you, I couldn't sleep a day after you left ,,,,,,,,

I thought of you all the time ,,,,,,,,

Shishir: But I gave up on that (to make him angry .........)

Rain: Forgive me ,,,,,,,

I will not live without you ,,,,,,,,

Shishir: If you don't live, who will I be with ,,,,,,,

Rain: Then that hurt me ,,, and then I said that ,,,,,,,,

You are very arrogant, so no ,,,,,,,

Shishir: What anger is there on the one I love, can you be arrogant ,,,,,,,,

I love you so much Ray Pagli ,,,,,,,,,

Rain: I will never leave ,,,,,,,,,

Shishir: Only death can separate us and nothing else ,,,,,,,,,

It's raining a lot now ,,,,,,,,,,

And the fun of hugging a girl in the rain is different ,,,,,, but sadly how do you know those who are getting married will know huh ......

Rain: Hmm ,,,,,,

If we live, we will live together, if we die, we will die together ...

Shishir: Do you know about rain ????

Rain: What !!!!!!

Shishir: I first saw you in the rain and today it rains ,,,,,,,,,

I will say one thing ,,,,,,,,

Rain: What !!!!!!

Shishir: I will give you a caress !!!

Rain: What is it called ,,,,,,,,,

And to put it another way, he put his four lips together ,,,,,,,,,,,,

After a while he left !!!!!

Shishir: Let's not go home, let's not go now ,,,,,,,

Rain: No ,,,,,,

Let's sit in the shade of that tree ........

I am sitting in the shade of a tree as he said,

And he's putting his head in my lap ,,,,,,,,

Rain: I'm not getting much sleep, you remove my hair I hug you and sleep ,,,,,,,,,

Shishir: Let's go home ,,,,,,,

After a while ..........

Rain: Don't remove these hairs ,,,,,,,

You don't know how many days you sleep.

Don't hug me ,,,,,,,,

Shishir: Hmm ,,,,,,,,

This is how love lives, and the people you love ,,,,,,,,,

You touch the rain,

Every drop on you

I feel like

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