Best 5 Atlanta Neighborhoods to Settle Down In

As per the most recent census figures, Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest metro region of the US. 78,000 new residents relocated to the Atlanta region between 2010 and 2020.

The city's population is between 500,000 and 500 000. Are you eager to join them? Before you leap foot first into your first move, it is important to know the most desirable communities in Atlanta.

Learn more about the best ways to move into Atlanta, GA, and the best areas to live in.

  • Buckhead

Buckhead is one of the most fashionable Atlanta neighborhood that is dotted with luxurious homes, million-dollar properties, private clubs and fine dining establishments. It's one of the richest areas in the city.

The neighborhood is growing and many well-known celebrities reside there.

Unfortunately, luxury entertainment, and top real estate comes with an expense. Buckhead isn't the best area to start an Atlanta family. If you're planning to have a wedding ceremony and are looking for one of Atlanta's most beautiful wedding locations, Buckhead is the ideal place to begin your search.

  • East Atlanta

If a place such as Buckhead is not within the reach of your budget, don't fret. East Atlanta is a more affordable community with plenty to offer the new homeowner.

Within East Atlanta, you'll find lots of townhomes at a reasonable price as well as single-family homes. However, you'll never be able to miss the entertainment. There are many bars, restaurants and entertainment choices to keep a single person or a large family entertained.

  • Summerhill

Hey, young people! Summerhill is an upcoming Atlanta neighborhood that has all the amenities you need.

New condo and apartment complexes have sprung up like spring flowers in the past few years. What's next? Bars, restaurants and beer breweries.

The Hank Aaron Shops are an enormous attraction. They are named after the famous Atlanta Braves slugger and opening in the fall of 2022. These shops will have the Publix food store as well as stylish retail stores, and eateries.

  • Cabbagetown

Are you in search of an unpretentious neighborhood? Sure, many people love the bustle and bustle of nightlife however, that's not the point of the life of Atlanta is about.

If you're looking to get away from the city while being in the middle of the urban, Cabbagetown could be the place that is right for you. It's a part of town filled with single-family homes decently priced apartments, as well as charming parks in the city.

In contrast to fashionable There are areas of bars and restaurants that are more cozy and inviting.

  • Little Five Points

Little Five Points is a neighborhood that is brimming with beautiful murals and other art. What's known as "hipster," you'll call gorgeous.

The area is characterized by clean sidewalks , with outdoor retail, as well as a myriad of bars. This is also the area that has art stores with vintage clothes, as well as alternative music places.

The Atlanta neighborhood is an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

The Five Best Atlanta Neighborhoods

Are you thinking of moving to Atlanta? There's no reason to be alone. Atlanta and its metropolitan area is among the largest in the United States.

This means that there are plenty of communities that are a great place to relocation. Look over these five neighborhoods, but keep in mind that a city like Atlanta offers something for all.

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