Will the Rise of NFTs Continue Into 2022?

Just a few months ago, anyone had been aware of NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) However, their explosive growth has started as they are NFT World is increasing in size each day.But many are questioning if this can be sustained to the year 2022 or even beyond.

NFTs are digital files like movies, images, artwork or music clips (among many other items) that are only files on the computer. They are referred to as "non-fungible" since the owner of the file is in the metadata and is traceable back to its creator. They are usually purchased through the HTML1 cryptocurrency. the cryptocurrency Ethereum which is priced in the same way as fiat currency would.

Many believe that they believe that the NFT technology will grow to new heights and represents what is expected to be the next step in digital ownership. Like a painting is a work of art that details the ownership history as well, the NFT includes within the metadata the entire history of the object that makes it easier to establish that you are the real and legitimate proprietor of the document.

Additionally, it allows creators (such as artists or musicians) to directly sell their work to their fans , and to receive an increased percentage of the proceeds as opposed to the past.

Much of the negative media concerning NFTs is based on the fact that they are expensive and often result from money laundering. Stories of "bored Ape" artworks fetching many thousands of Ethereum have created the notion it is the case that NFT transactions are for huge sums of money, but this isn't the case. The group Kings of Leon, for instance, released an album featuring digital artwork as well as vinyl copies in the year 2000 for just $50. The album was available for two weeks, and was scheduled to never be released again. There are plenty of other examples of NFTs that are sold at less.

Another common complaint about NFTs (particularly for paintings) has to do with the fact that anybody who browses past the image on the marketplace or on Twitter could keep the photo or take a screenshot of it and then own it for free which makes the thought of buying it. The advocates, however, argue that while thousands of tourist images and encyclopedia-style reproductions from The Mona Lisa exist, 

The Louvre owns the only authentic copy of the painting created in the hands of Da Vinci Da Vinci himself. Possessing a photo of a painting isn't the same as having the original painting, which makes it more valuable to be the possessor of the NFT.

In spite of these concerns, NFTs are selling at an increasing rate each day.The website NFT-stats.com says (as as of the time of writing) that more than 77,000 NFTs were sold in the last 24 hours, to (the equivalent to) an amount of more than 97 million dollars.The meteoric rise of Facebook's Metaverse and the growing people's interest in virtual reality has grown, and the capability to buy digital clothes in exchange for Metaverse avatars has proven to be a massive success. This is likely to continue until the year 2022 or beyond.

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