How to Measure Your Success Activities on Instagram Marketing

Now that you know the framework for using Instagram as a real marketing tool, you need to know how to evaluate your efforts and accurately measure your success. Don’t channel all your energy in finding followers and likes, but I want you to forget that, instead, I want you to keep track of two main things.

1.The first thing is your audience insights.

Steps to check these:
  1.  navigate to your profile, hit the hamburger icon in the top right, and select insights from there.
  2. Toggle over to the audience tab. This is where you can tell if you’re actually attracting your target market to your feed.
  3. Go back to all the detailed information you wrote down about your target market and cross-reference them here. Are they coming from the targeted country? Are they the right age and gender? If so, awesome. You can’t actually ask for much more than that if they were not there;  that would mean two things.
  • ONE: Creative content, in fact, speaks to different people and you may want to consider making them your target market.
  • TWO:  you have lost the mark in your engagement efforts and you need to switch the accounts you use to find your target market. Keep changing your engagement strategy and content creation strategy until you see your audience details are on track.

2. The second metric you’ll use to measure our success is Activity Interactions.

There are things like website clicks, post saves, post shares, swipe ups, DMS and clicks on your email, text, or direction button. Remember, these are most vital because we’re using Instagram as the starting point of your marketing funnel. Once your target market lands on your feed, the subsequent step you would like them to take is moving over to your website, subscribing to your email list, and eventually buying your offering, so to keep track of your activity interactions, head back into your insights and toggle onto the activity tab. From here you can see how many websites clicks, emails, and calls you got in the last seven days. You’ll also want to navigate to each individual post and click the view insights button to see how many shares saves and website clicks they generated.

…I suggest keeping track of your performance in an Excel document so you can view your growth and know which posts are performing much better than the other. This data will help you get into your Instagram strategy even more and drastically increase its ability to funnel potential customers straight to you.

So remember, having plenty of followers isn’t the goal here. Getting the right people to your feed and taking action is rather than stressing over how many likes your posts are getting, divert your energy to finding and engaging with your target market. These actions will make a significantly larger impact and will set you up for future success. If you’re not sure what the next steps of your funnel should be, have a think of this. Instagram is where you introduce yourself to someone new. Your website should be where you show them your expertise, potentially through blog posts or free downloads. And your email list should be where you offer the solution to their problem, AKA your paid offering.


If you’ve learned something new. I hope you are starting to think about Instagram differently and are leaning away from the importance of likes and moving towards the importance of interaction and using Instagram as a true marketing tool.

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