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In today's post, we will know the 5 ways of online income from which you can earn as much as you can, just as you can earn well.

 1.  Blogging

Blogging is a very old but very effective method of earning money online.  In this way it is possible to earn a good amount of money every month.

It's basically like a digital newspaper.  You will write about a subject like your mind.  Anyone who needs to know that will come and fall.

The article you are reading now is also a blog.  Therefore, you can understand the matter.  If you are interested in writing, you can easily earn income from here.

Blogging about the subject you are most interested in, knowledge or experience is the most useful.

So you can work on the niche that you are good at.  Niche refers to certain categories such as sports, technology, law, cooking, biography, travel, etc.  For example, in the case of travel, you can write a detailed blog about what you experienced while traveling in one place.

Now the main thing is where you will write.  In this case, it is best if you can create a blog site yourself.  Now it is very easy to create a blog site without any cost.  But people have less faith in free sites.

So our advice would be to spend some money first to buy a domain hosting and create an interesting site.  Then start writing there.  You will see that you are getting good results.

Buy a dot com domain with one GB hosting and a free theme.  These three things are enough to start your blogging.  In this case, it may cost you about three thousand rupees.

If you spend this way blogging, your branding will be better and the amount of income will be much higher than the fee site.  And the price of your site will be a lot in the future.  The value of a good site especially in the field becomes up to a few goals.

And in the case of free sites, Google will not give you the whole domain.  In that case you will get sub domain.  In this way, in case of opening a blog site, you can easily open a blog site in 10 minutes with Blogspot.

And in this case you can work through both mobile and computer.  So for those who are thinking of online income on mobile, this can also be a great opportunity.

However, if you have some idea about digital marketing along with so many things, but you can easily bring a lot of traffic or visitors to your blog.  Through which you can multiply your income very easily.

 2.  Freelancing income

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online.  This sector is playing a big role in reducing unemployment in Bangladesh and at the same time many skilled people are working in this sector and representing our country.

It is highlighting Bangladesh to the world.  In fact, people in many big countries of the world did not know that there is a country called Bangladesh on the map of the world.  The freelancers of our country are introducing Bangladesh to those people.

At the same time, they are bringing millions of dollars in remittances to Bangladesh every month.  So by joining this freelancing you can earn money as well as share in this glory.

Now let's see how to get started.  Freelancing is basically a variety of jobs that you are good at doing a job for a certain fee.

There is no specific place for you to work and your employer.  You will be able to perform your work at home and your clients will be from different countries.  That will continue to change over time.

However, first of all here you need a certain subject skills.  It can be Graphics Design, Photo Editing, Web Design, Website Making, Copywriting, Content Writing, Logo.  Design (Logo Design), etc.

You can do freelancing only if you can master any of these tasks.  If you can do more than one job, your chances of earning money increase.

After learning the job, you need to open an account with your information on various freelancing sites (such as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiver, etc.).  After that, you have to mention the things that you are good at on that site.

But one thing you must remember.  There are a lot of online income sites at present.  But there is not a proper and good quality site.

So before you start working on any website, you must look at the site in a good way.  Only if everything looks good to you will you start working on that site.

Then, to prove that you can do any work that you have already done, it should be arranged on the website in the form of a portfolio.  By doing this, your client will come and look at your portfolio and if you like, he will employ you.

 In this case, our advice is to create a good portfolio, because in most cases, those portfolios will help you get the job as new.

Getting a job at first can be a hassle.  In that case, if you have a freelancer, you can take his reference.

When your first client gives you a good review after getting a job through this reference, you will see that the work will keep coming.

You can also go first and participate in various contests.  You can also get clients from there.  In our opinion, it is a little difficult to get the first job in the field of freelancing.

 3.  Earn by YouTube

There are many big youtubers in Bangladesh.  Some of them have a monthly income of 40 to 50 lakh rupees.  But if you want, you can also start making income by making YouTube videos.

This video can be made without your camera.  At first, many big YouTubers started their YouTube journey by making videos with mobile phones.  After being successful then they now use expensive gadgets.

If your content is good, if you can make videos with the necessary topics, then you will get viewers very soon.

But in this case, I will give you a small tip with tips.  If you really want to work professionally on YouTube then you have to do video audio and video editing very well.

You can then apply for monetization once you have a minimum of one thousand subscribers and a minimum view time.  After that, if you activate monetization in each video, your income will start.

In addition to the current YouTube authority, you can also earn income through sponsors from different places.  It turned out that a company asked you to advertise your product in your video for marketing a product.  If you agree to the advertisement, he will pay you according to your needs.

 4.  Online income by watching videos

Many people may not know about online income by watching videos.  To be honest, many people are surprised to see the income from watching videos online, but the fact is true.  There are currently some websites where you will be paid to watch videos every day.

But keep in mind, there are scams or fake sites to make money by watching online videos.  Those who show you the video will not make any payment later.  In order to avoid such scams, you must always be careful in the online world.

Usually these types of websites will try to lure you to make money by showing you videos through their website by displaying various kinds of flashy advertisements.  One thing to remember all the time.  No website online will ever pay you too much for watching a video.

Whenever you see a website talking about overpayment or a glamorous ad telling you about the revenue on their website;  That's when you start looking at the website very well and start working if it really seems real;  Not otherwise.

 5.  Make a website

You may know that the price of a good website exceeds Rs.  You can also create a website like this and sell it at a much higher price by activating it.  Creating a website is now as easy as opening a Facebook account.  Anyone can do it if they want.

But the sites that can be made very easily, they do not have any demand.  However, if your site has a moderate amount of traffic, then you can get a good price.  Sites that sell at a higher price are created by skilled web designers.

So if you are a web designer, or you can learn web designing, then you can create a good website yourself, upload enough content there, activate the site and sell it at a good price.

If you want, you can also learn web designing by watching free videos from YouTube or by taking a web design course from a good organization.

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