How to Protect Bank Account from Hackers ?


With so many users making the jump to internet banking, it's no wonder that hackers are on the  hunt for login details.
Here's a look at how hackers hacks your bank and to stay safe

Here are ways hackers can gain access to your savings and clear you out.
What may be surprising, whatever, are the lengths that these individuals will go to in order to access your finances.

Tricking users with fake banking Apps

A malware, hacker creates perfect replica of a bank's app & uploads it to third-party websites.

Replacing real banking App with fake one

It detects the user launching a banking app, the malware quickly puts up a window that looks identical to the app you just booted up.

How to defend yourself from mobile banking trojans

  1. When downloading apps from the app store, keep an eye on the number of downloads it has.
  2. If it has a very low amount of downlods & littel to no reviews, it's too early to call if it has malware.
  3. Official apps should have a lot of downloads.
  4. Be carefuul with what permissions you give apps.

Man-In-The-Middle attacks

Haker will target the communications between you and your bank's website in order to get your details.
These attacks are called Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, and the name says it all it's when a hacker intercepts.
Communications between you and a legitimate service.

How to defend Yourself from MITM ATTACKS

Never perform any sensitive activities on a public or unsecure network.
Caution and use somthing more secure, such as your home wi-Fi.
Also, when you log into a sensitive site, always check for HTTPS in the address bar.
Always use VPN on public Wi-Fi.

SIM Swapping

To perform a SIM swap, a hacker contacts your network provider, claiming to be you.
They, state that they lost their phone & that they'd like a transfer of their old number (which is your current Number) to their SIM card.
Once they have your number on their SIM card, they can use SMS codes easily and log into your bank account.

How to defend yourself from SIM swapping

Mobile networks typically ask questions to check if the person requesting the transfer is who they say they are.
To perform a SIM swap, scammers typically harvest your personal information in order to pass the checks.
Always keep your personal details private to avoid somenoe stealing your identity.
It's worth checking if your mobile provider is doing their part to defend you from SIM swapping.

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