How to Approval Google Adsense within 24 hours?

We’re going to tell you a true story about getting Google AdSense approval. This is a successful result of our 6 months of research. We actually got approval for this site within 24 hours.

In particular, we wanted to tell you this true story, that many people in the world lost their jobs unexpectedly due to the Chovid 19 or Choronavirus epidemic. Their living conditions were severely deteriorating. We understand that they have to pay bank loans, auto installments, electricity bills, and various expenses.

Adsense approve Trick

So our primary goal is to encourage them to generate revenue from their own website to be a strength to them.

What went wrong with Google AdSense Approval?

Our team was the first to create a travel website. It contains research, exploration, and factual information conducted by our team and is accurately published with the approval of professors and various scholars. But more than ten times that site was rejected by Google Adsense. Our team also enlisted the help of Google AdSense experts on the website. With all this information in mind, our team started researching Google Adsense about 6 months ago.

Google AdSense Calculator

What our team believes is that we must first observe the direction the world is heading.

What’s so popular about this season?

What do people search the internet for the most?

We need to compare the website we made based on. Our website may contain valuable information. But if most of those facts are not searched on the internet, you can not really get a result from those facts.

Let’s start fresh.

Step 1

You should use the AdSense Calculator as a first step to get a better idea of the types of payments currently being made by Google AdSense.

Adsense Calculator

This will give you a better idea of the types of payments currently being made by Google Adsense and around the world.

So what do you do now?

Our advice is that you should now choose some of the best categories of information you can create. One thing to keep in mind is that your website should have more than two categories of content.

For example, our site specializes in finance and we have categorized our articles into budgeting, Investing, Banking, and Taxes.

Step 2

Once you have selected the best paying types, all you have to do now is find all the keywords that people are looking for in those types.

How to find keywords?

Google has introduced one of the most searched keywords in the world right now. It’s called Google Trends.

Google Trends

This tool helps find the best keyword. The Relevant Queries here will give you a great set of ideas. Make a special note of the “Breakout” keywords in it.

As an example check these words on Google “how to go to space” Millions of results can see. Now the popular one is Virgin Galactic for space tourism. Our team recommends you find the top-class keywords and include those in your article.

Step 3

So now start writing. Remember to include keywords you find in everything you write. Your letter should be at least 1500 words long. If it’s 5000, that’s great.

All your articles should be screened for plagiarism. If the duplicate value is 0% then you are extremely successful.

You should prepare about 25 articles. These articles should be divided into more than two categories, as we mentioned earlier.

Learn before applying Google Adsense

Before you ask for Google AdSense approval, please note the following:

  • If you have multiple Google Adsense accounts, keep only one and cancel all other accounts.
  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy pages are mandatory. You also need a contact page about us page.
  • Your website must be more than a month old.
  • If your website is Blogger or WordPress, it’s great.
  • Your articles should have at least one picture. Find those pictures that are not copyrighted.

Please note that all of this information is the information found by our team and we have obtained Google AdSense approval for this site within 24 hours after following all of these points correctly.

Follow this procedure and tell us the results.

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