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A game of creativity and survival in your pocket
Minecraft for Android, formerly referred to as Minecraft Pocket Edition, is an adaptation of the popular Minecraft game from Mojang. This time it has been designed for play on the touchscreen of your mobile or tablet. Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. Players explore a world of blocks while mining for raw materials, crafting tools, building structures, and competing to survive.

Explore a 3D grid of biomes
The game was once a standalone version for portable devices, but now you can play Minecraft across Android, iOS and on the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and now on PS4. It is only the Windows 10 edition of the game that works with this version, and not the Java edition, which has different features. To differentiate the two types of game, the mobile version is often called Bedrock.

With the enhanced crossplay, now even more players can enjoy Minecraft and interact with each other. This sandbox game doesn’t have specific goals or a particular narrative. After generating your new world, you are tasked to survive and unleash your creativity to build a virtual reality.

In the gameplay, you explore your open worlds, which are laid out on a 3D grid and separated into different areas known as biomes. You will encounter other players, and characters that aren’t other players, known as mobs. These could be villagers, hostile creatures, or animals. There are different ways to interact with them, which can help your survival, including taming a fox or a panda.

Minecraft modes

You’ll also encounter creatures unique to the game, like the creeper. This character can explode and sneaks up on players. There is also the enderman, which can pick up and place blocks, and has the ability to teleport. It is an inventive and imaginative world, so will appeal to anyone who likes fantasy or creativity.

You have a choice of the three main gameplay modes. Each one gives you a different experience when playing Minecraft. Creative mode is where you can experiment with unlimited resources, building anything you can think of. You can fly around the gameworld and focus on completing larger projects.

Survival mode brings in more time-sensitive or action-based gameplay, where what you do affects your character. You’ll need to gather natural materials to create shelters as protection from monsters, and you’ll need to find food to fight off hunger. Players use seeds to spawn new worlds; by entering a string of numbers, you can create and add unique biomes.

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