Make Yourself to Shortcut Boss? First Remember This Keyboard Tips

From computer to smartphones, these tech gadgets have become a part of everyone's life nowadays. In such a situation, if some of the necessary gadgets or laptops are known, then the work is even easier and faster. Many of these keyboard shortcuts are of great use to internet users too. Let's learn these keyboard shortcuts for work.

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Win + D: You can use this shortcut to minimize all the software windows open on the Windows computer. That is, all windows that are open on the system will be minimized automatically by pressing the D button with the Windows button on the keyboard.

Win + L: Working on your Windows computer-if you want to lock it, press the L button with the Windows button. Your system will lock and then it will be difficult to open without a password.

CTRL + F: You can use CTRL + F keyboard shortcuts to search for any texts or files on any window open on any Windows computer such as Microsoft Word or Windows.

ALT + Tab: If you have all the windows open at a time on your computer and you want to quickly shift from one window to another, instead of clicking with the mouse, you make your work very fast by using ALT + Tab Can.

CTRL +/-: If you are surfing the website on a browser and want to zoom in on a text, image or page, you can zoom the page by pressing the plus button with CTRL. By pressing the minus button with the same CTRL you can see the web page zoom out. Keep in mind that by pressing plus or minus buttons with CTRL, the web page will be continuously small or big.

CTRL + PgUp / PgDn: To go from one tab to the other when working on the browser, you can click on the page button or the page down with the control button. With this much faster you will be able to go to any tab in front or back.

Alt + F4: You can use Alt + F4 to close any software window or page that is open on the system. With this keyboard shortcut instead of the mouse, you will be able to turn off windows more quickly. Even if you press these buttons even after all windows are closed, your system will also be shut down.

F2: If you want to rename any file on your Windows system, then select that file and just press F2 function. The file name will be highlighted and you will be able to edit it.

F5: It is common for Windows systems to work on-the-fly. By pressing the F5 button you can refresh your system with speed.

F11: If you want to view the window in full screen while surfing on the browser, press F11 immediately and your browser window will be full screen. By pressing the same key again, the browser window will revert to normal mode.

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