If Your Smart Phone's Screen Constantly Hanging Up So do it Immediately

Is the screen of your phone hanging frequently or is your phone unable to read your touch command? If your answer is yes, then our news can be useful to you. Actually, many users are getting annoyed when hanging the screen and take them to the service center. But in many cases, your skin is not bad, but due to settings or other unseen, it starts to have trouble. Today we will tell you what are the 5 tasks that you should check in your phone before moving the phone to the service center.

Android Phone

Delete application

Many times on the phone, we download an application from which our phone starts to hang. These apps include bugs or viruses, so some functions of your phone stop working. So if your phone is having such a problem, then delete the phone's application. Anti-virus can also work for you in these cases.
Sometimes the screen of the screen stops reading your touch due to the screen guard. A big reason for this is the poor quality of the phone's screen guard. Also, even if the screen guard is too old, your phone's screen can not read your touch command. Use a good quality screen guard in such a way.


Whenever the phone or its screen hangs, the user first refreshes your phone. This is a right way to correct any electronic gadget. If your screen is hanging or not working, then restart your phone immediately.

Clean the screen with a dry cloth

Many times the users start using their phone's screen with water or oil. This starts hanging on their phone screen (also stops working on many occasions). In such a way, clean the phone's screen with a clean and dry cloth. It would be nice if you turn off your phone's screen or phone during this time. Turn on the phone after 90 seconds of cleaning the screen. This will make the screen of your phone work as before.
Factory reset

If your phone or its screen is hanging, then you can fix your phone through the Factory Reset. Factory Reset comes in your phone's default settings. If you say in a simple language, like the phone you bought, the phone comes in the same mode after Factory Reset. To recover the phone, you have to press the volume up button with the Power Off button. After this, leave the power when the Android option comes. Now with the help of the Volume Button, select the Factory Reset option and press the Power button.

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