How to Full Reset an Android Phone | Update Methods

Android Phone reset system:

Now Android Phone is a Most popular and very smart name in mobile phone world. It is very trendy for Mobile phone users .

Now I want to show how to complete a factory reset on Android phone.
Firstly we have to confirm that a factory reset is definitely what Android phone requires and review elective security computes to guarantee you won’t drop any essential information in the development.

What exactly is a factory reset?

A factory reset is relapsing a tool, an Android phone, reverse to its out of the factory, new shape. Every information and media enter and kept in the phone. Similar to passwords, contacts, images, text messages, ringtones, as well as all applications set up will be wiped off. Just OS updates will be left intact.

When is a factory reset advised?

Before selling the phone,a factory reset is advised to make sure there won’t be any private information accumulated on the phone. For experiencing issues or it’s slowed down by the two million apps installed frequent problems on Android phone could be sourced by the changes or the applications have installed and a factory reset might attach them.

Safety computes reflect on before resetting phone:

Backing up each and every one pictures and other files don’t lose onto computer or an SD card.
When we will confirm the phone is synced with Gmail then we won’t lose contacts. Another way is , download My Backup Pro – an app that is endorsement contacts onto SD card or secure server. My Backup Pro also allows backup other data. similar to text messages and call logs.
Before factory reset, we need a fully charged battery because you do NOT want to run out of power in the middle of a reset—that could “brick” your phone.
Though, They(Android Market) does not remember the free apps that you installed—so you should make a list of all your apps before you reset your phone so you won’t forget the free ones.

Here’s a pre reset checklist:

  • If we export our contacts to our SD card so we can easily restore them later (Contacts/Dialer menu > Import/Export > Export contacts to: SD card).
  • Create a record of all of the apps that we installed (Android menu > Manage Apps > Downloaded tab).
  • Find a duplicate of our Google account login information (user name and password).
  • Find a duplicate of our Verizon endorsement supporter PIN (if you use this service).
  • Turn off your phone and drag its battery. Then Wait 30 seconds or more. Re install the battery and turn on the phone . It’ll confirm that there is nothing lengthy in your phone’s volatile memory as the factory reset begins.
  • Completely charge the battery and plug the AC charging adapter into the phone.
When reset and install will complete the applications will back one by one. Just check your phone how it is responds to.
Having saved every information and media to SD card, you should remove it from your phone to prevent accidental formatting while resetting your phone.

  • Tap On setting app from your Home Manu. This icon can be different as you see on image above.
  •  Roll down to Privacyand choose it. Generally there is a Privacy option on setting app. But it can be different at other version of Android OS.
  •  There are some option to Back up application data, Automatic restore, Factory data reset and other. Now tap on Factory data reset.
  •  If you want to erase your internal Memory OR SD card data then check on that and tap the “Reset Phone” button.
  •  Now just tap On Erase Everything button and reset will complete.

Important note:

Make sure you save any information that does not sync to the cloud on your phone before performing this method. On the SD card your photos will be fine (unless you choose to format the SD card), but other settings and text messages will not be saved. you can also do so using an app like My Backup Pro.

There are many different reasons that a phone may need to have a factory rearrange completed. Maybe customers, a friend or a service person suggested the process to help with link issues. Fortunately, a factory reset does not involve sending your phone off to the factory.
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