Every Beginner Drummer Needs Top 6 Drummer Accessories

Drums are probably one of the most straightforward musical equipment to play, but the most difficult to master. Anyone can get to the right level of expertise with a few great lessons. Combined with daily practice, you can start to sound like an above-average drummer anytime they pick up the drumsticks.

Mastery, however, is another kettle of fish. If a beginner guitarist plays in a band alongside an expert drummer, most of the spectators won’t pick up the fact that the guitarist is still learning. Reverse this, and everyone will notice that the drummer’s timing is off.

One way to attain mastery fast is by using the right accessories while practicing. Here are six drummer accessories every beginner drummer needs for their daily practice sessions.

1. Drum Stick Bag

Drum stick bags are vital to keeping your sticks in a pristine condition all the time. It also makes it much easier to carry them around. They come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the number of sticks you need to take with you.
Some also have a padded inner lining to cushion the impact should they fall to the ground.

2. Professional Ear Plugs

All the loud noise generated during your daily practice sessions can inflict you with permanent ear damage. This is why you have to get a professional pair of earplugs. They reduce the amount of sound that travels to your eardrums by a considerable amount.

A good set of earplugs helps prevent not only permanent ear damage but also tinnitus.

3. Drum Tuner

A drum tuner enables you to regulate the pitch or frequency of your drum set. Drums require fine-tuning to create your preferred sound. You also tune to remove any unnecessary overtones. The tension rods and ropes on the sides of your drum sets manage the drum’s tension.

The best tuning devices tune your drums accurately by tightening or loosening the pressure on the tension rods and ropes.

4. Cymguards

These accessories do precisely what their name implies – guard your cymbals. If your practice routine involves some heavy-hitting, you should get one before you have to deal with a cracked cymbal. You don’t have to use them during a live session, but they help extend the lifetime of your cymbals.

They are also suitable for travel. The material is sturdy and durable and can act as a protective cover while you are on a trip with your drum set.

5. Drum Rug

Drum rugs help you mark your space while practicing or at a live session. Most importantly, they also prevent falls due to slippages. Depending on your taste, they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home studio.

6. Drink Holder

Some practice sessions can be exhausting and you will need to grab a drink now and then. It can be rather unsettling to head over to the refrigerator to grab a drink anytime you are thirsty.
When you need to replenishing any lost electrolytes, the drink holder helps keep your favorite drink at arm’s length. You can reach out and grab your bottle once you are dehydrated or need a jolt of energy.

Final Thoughts

Drumming is a great skill to have, especially if you are among the few that have attained complete mastery of the form and how to whip a crowd into a frenzy. However, it can be a long and arduous journey towards this level of skill. You need the right set of accessories along the way as you practice your form so you actually stand a chance of playing in the big leagues.
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