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I have already discussed common blogging mistakes in my previous article, today I want to share an important topic on common SEO mistakes done by the blogger. Especially the newbie bloggers make common SEO mistakes because they have little idea about SEO and blogging.

We all know SEO is one on the most important factors in the journey of blogging. Without maintaining proper and balance SEO you will not reach your goal. Both on page and off page SEO is important for the blogger. You must do it properly and perfectly.

SEO is vital for any successful blogging journey and every blogger optimize the site for better search ranking and more traffic. But you will see that some blogs rank higher in search results while some blogs are not. There are a lot of bloggers who do SEO but can not rank their web pages in search results because they have dome some common SEO mistakes which make them loser to search engines. Here I give you a clear idea about the most common SEO mistakes.
Neglecting Niche

It is one of the most common SEO mistakes and that is neglecting your own niche. Blogging niche is one of the most important factors in your blogging journey to success. When you want to be a blogger you must select such a niche which is perfect for you and you can provide valuable information to the readers related to your niche.

Always select the best niche and give more time when you select your niche. After selecting your niche you must try to write and publish such contents which are related to your niche. There are a lot of bloggers who select one niche but publish content on multiple niches. It is a big SEO mistake because you can not rank your site or posts easily if you ignore your niche. Especially the newbies must aware about this mistake.

Copy Content from other Sites
It is a very bad habit for a blogger that copy content from other sites. It is one of the most common SEO mistakes for the newbie bloggers who have no experience about how to write content and who are not care about their long time success. 

A blogger must be a learned person and must know well about his subject of writing. But it is not possible within a day or month, he must try to increase his knowledge  of writing day by day. It is really harmful to your blog to copying other contents. Search engines including google don't like this habit, you may be penalized by google if you do that and your blog will not reach the top of search results. You can use Copyscape to find out copied content.

Not Thinking about Quality Content
Content is the king of a blog or website. Without content, we can not imagine a site or blog. Because we build a site for the readers and readers come to our sites to see or read contents. When a blogger or writer want to write content then there are two options come to him one is high-quality content and low-quality content. You must try to provide high-quality content so that the readers get enough information to solve their problem and they will be a regular visitors of your site.

When you write quality content you need hard work but you will get the result better. By publishing low-quality content you will not get any positive result and your blog will not reach its goal because it is one of the common SEO mistakes. You should remind quality is better than quantity.

Not Caring about Social Media
Ignoring social media is one of the most common SEO mistakes. Social media is very important for the successful blogging journey. Without the help of social media, you can not continue your blogging journey perfectly. Especially the newbies don't know that neglecting social media is one of the worst SEO mistakes. 
It is a big SEO mistake that you do not post on social media so that you can increase your followers as well as your blog traffic. At present social media play an important role in driving traffic to your site. Search engines give more priority on social media. So must increase your social media connections. 

Not Connected with other Blogger
Not connected with other bloggers, it is one of the most common SEO mistakes. There are a lot of bloggers who do this one of the worst SEO mistakes and they get a little help from other. You must increase your knowledge to become a perfect blogger. Without connecting other bloggers you will not increase your knowledge of writing, SEO, marketing, and other blogging related issues.
When you have a good connection with other bloggers, you can share your knowledge with them and they also do same as like you. If you feel any problem they must solve your problem so that you can do better. If you can build a connection with successful bloggers, you must able to avoid common SEO mistakes with the help of these bloggers.

Not Doing On Page SEO Perfectly
When we try to optimize our site or posts then we make all the common SEO mistakes. There are two options of SEO, one is on page and another is off page. On page SEO is more important than off page because on page represent the quality of your site and off page is like advertising.

When you can supply such a product that is unique for its quality then you need not too much advertising. You must take care about on page SEO. Newbie bloggers make a lot of common SEO mistakes for want of  proper knowledge.

You can not learn everything within a day or month. You should wait and continue your study to increase your knowledge if you want to safe from common SEO mistakes. Because all the common SEO mistakes are really harmful to your blog. So you must have some basic idea about SEO before blogging.

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