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I am going to share some best Attitude Status with you. You can use these Attitude Status and Captions on various social sites like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp. So let's start without further ado!

Attitude Status English:

#1. “I don't care how long I live. I will live as long as I can but I will live with my self-respect.”

#2. "All acquaintances are not just the names of father and grandfather. Something should have its own name as well.”

#3. "I am still standing because I listen to myself. I would never break down if I listened to someone else.”

#4. "I admit that I have nothing like a king, but know that no king has the power to be like me. 😎"

#5.  “I haven't changed. Now I just love to shut up!”

#6. "Forgive me because I can't forgive you anymore."

#7. "I won't block you but I will definitely show you who you're missing."

#8. “Fear grows from brains not weapons, and brains have been bad since my childhood 😁

#9. “I'm bad, that's why I'm alive. If it was good, this world would not have let me live.”

#10. "The name should be so great that even the enemy says, Yes, who does not know him?"

#11. "I don't keep track of money , but I must keep track of change. 😉"

#12. "I took what I got in life to get my head, but I didn't work to get my head in front of anyone."

#13. “I will show my attitude later. First you buy the city, I will rule it. 😎"

#14. "Courage will lose but not courage because Chakravyu is formed by our own people."

#15. "If you like it, in your heart, otherwise not in your mind."

#16. “Only friends can save a broken hearted person. Relatives just want to save the use!”

#17. "If you have nothing to do, just have fun 🙌Panchayat is the whole village. 😀"

#18. "Backstabbing is done by those who do not have the ability to equalize."

#19. “ The real fun of life comes when the enemy is desperate to shake hands with you. ✌"

#20. “Those destinations must be broken, who are proud of their height.. !!”

#21. "My attitude is my symptom, do you have a problem with that!"

#22. "You don't have the ability to keep eye to eye 😒and you are talking about clearing my name...!!"

#23. "Some people don't just  burn from the front  , they burn from my Attitude!"

#24. “Only time will change that. Today your tomorrow will become mine.”

#25. "I don't finish talking, I just finish the story 😎"

#26. “When the time is right I will show everyone my power, some ponds have learned to think of themselves as oceans…!”

#27. "Happiness depends on your Attitude, not on what you have."

#28. "I don't care what the world says, I'm good it's what my mother says!"

#29. "For success, attitude is as important as skill."

#30. "Make sure you're perfect before you judge me."

#31. "Take me as I am or see me as I go 🤔😑."

#32. "Please don't interrupt me when I ignore you."

#33. “I am not responsible for what I say 😌, and not for what you take it…”

#34. "With the exception of Gravity, nothing in life can disappoint me 👍."

#35. " Silence is the best response when you have a conversation with an idiot ."

#36. "If my determination to succeed is strong enough, failure will never overtake me."

#37. "My handwriting is ✍️not bad, it's a new style ✌️."

#38. “If you think I'm bad , you're wrong; Rather, I am the worst 😎.”

#39. "Train your brain to look great at everything."

#40. “No positive results can come from a negative attitude. Always think positive and always live positively.”

#41. Positive expectations are a sign of superior personality."

#42. "Winners 💪focus on winning, losers focus on winners."

#43. "I hear them, talking behind my back, anyway found at least one reason why they are behind me still behind me."

#44. "Don't run after someone who wants to avoid you..!"

#45. Tea in one hand , confidence in the other. " This is my #Style! That's my #Attitude!”

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