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Today I am going to share with you Best English Status for Whatsapp DP, Facebook Profile, and Instagram . I hope you will enjoy reading this Caption status so without further ado let's get started! english quotes caption. Short Quotes Caption 2023.

#1. "Even if the lion calms down, the jungle dog does not!"

#2. “Don't blame me, I'm born awesome 😉

#3. "Enjoy today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may not come!"

#4. “For success in life… you need two things… ignorance and confidence…”

#5. "I am tired of the battle of life... but I will not stop... I will fight and fight!"

#6. "I was born to express, not to impress!"

#7. "Today I am deep in thought... I am, everyone is, but not you..."

#8. "Always hold on because that's what you'll have till the end."

#9. "My life didn't start with you, but I want it to end with you!"

#10. “Quiet people have the biggest hearts 💓!

#11. 💪I am the king of my kingdom"

#12. "I don't treat people badly, I treat them as they are."

#13. "It takes a minute to like someone, an hour to love someone, but a lifetime to forget someone."

#14. "There are only two ways to be happy, change the situation or your attitude towards it!"

#15. "The storm in life goes slowly, but I can't think how to stop the storm in my mind!"

#16. “Nothing special, but I am a strong warrior…”

#17. "If life scares you, you'll know you're doing it right..."

#18.  "My life, my rules, this is my attitude..."

#19. "It's disappointing to feel sorry for everything, nothing else."

#20. “I don't believe in words, I believe in actions!”

"I love my haters because they made me famous!"

#22. "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

#23. "I am Always Available!! Please annoy me 😊😉!!

#24. “Always create something new… 🙂🙂💓😇

#25. "Don't believe in luck, believe in hard work."

#26. "Every girl is my sister except you 😅😁😊"

#27. “Life doesn't tell you who hurt you and who broke you. It's about the one who was always there for you and the one who made you smile again.”

#28. “A smiling 😃face does 💓not always mean a smiling heart”

#29. "Don't tell people your dreams, show them!"

#30. "Confidence is the first secret of success."

#31. "I'm not crazy, my reality is different than yours 😎🤘"🤘

#32. “I'm lost in a world that doesn't exist!”

#33. "Honor those who do not claim it but those who deserve it!"

#34. "I love to hear lies when I know the truth."

#35. "Life is too short to hate others, so love everyone and be happy!"

#36. It is good to speak the truth but it is best to hear the truth... "

#37. “ Learn to read both books and people . You get knowledge from a book and experience from a person.”

#38. "If the direction is right, a lamp works like the sun ."

#39. “There are many who share it. Appreciate what someone spends on you in this world …”

#40. “Learning is the hardest thing. Because almost everyone knows a lot….”

#41. “If school doesn't let you go without exams, why should this life let you go…”

#42. “It doesn't matter who hurt you. Remember those who taught you to smile again.”

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