Top Fine Tea Quotes and Captions | Morning Tea Quotes Short

I have often sipped tea and suffered no sorrows,

life is less sweet but lively…

 I am not a morning person… but I am willing to wake up anytime for tea!

 Love grows when friends share miles.

What I love most is the pause I get between teas.

Tea is the second thing that opens the eyes.

Yes, betrayal is still first…

 The secret to a better life is a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other.

Great ideas come from a quiet cup of tea!

I am grateful for the days when I only have to think about what tea to drink.

 He will leave a few days blank for himself, and try

to make tea with his own hands, not the hands of others.

 Even if you are the busiest person there will always be time for tea.

 Where there is tea there must be some road.

 You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea, which is essentially the same thing.

 A cup of tea a day removes all worries.

 Strong tea and deep relationships take time to build .

 Despondent faces will appear again,

when all the friends meet again for tea…

 People may feel peace in love , but to me a morning without “tea” means nothing but trouble !❤️

. Share all the sorrows,

I and my tea together, half-half!

 Fragrant morning tea has become bitter now since

this distance between you and me has come…

 Today my tea has become sweeter again . How many times you said again and again I will not remember!

My life is like a headache,

and my love for you is like ginger tea.

 If tea doesn't solve it then the problem is really serious🧐

 Great thoughts are created especially with a cup of tea.

 Life is like a cup of tea. It is entirely up to you how you make it.

Sitting with a cup of tea, I warmed up old memories .

The tea got cold and my eyes got wet.

 A strange relationship between love and tea..!!

One has to be created, the other has to be persuaded😉

Tea pales before your sweet words.

 My blood group is tea positive+😀

I want to mess with you like tea messes with biscuits.

Stains stick, it's tea or character!

Those who drink tea with their friends even when they are old, have a really fun life in this world.

Real happiness – dipping biscuits😛

 Coffee is a drink for the body. Chai is a drink for the soul.

 What's better than a cup of tea? Two cups of tea.☕ 😛

Tea is not the answer. Tea is the question and 'yes' is the answer.

Morning tea and opinion of elders,

should be taken from time to time😉

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