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The people who caused you trouble one day will come to share your happiness one day.
- Javas Nyak

The amount of effort we put into taking ourselves to equal heights is beyond comprehension.
- Sylvia Day

Trouble does not come to people, area or situation, it can come at any moment for which we must be ready.
- Nicholas Jhamb

The joy of love lasts for a while but the pain lasts a lifetime.
- Rabindranath Tagore

Love is only from seeing and liking, love is from anger, love is from hatred, love is from humiliation, even love is from shame. Love is actually hidden in every chromosome of the human community. He woke up as soon as he got a chance.
- Humayun Ahmed

In 6 days the blood vessels will be like 18 years old!
Do this every morning on an empty stomach
Love gives people peace but not comfort.
- Byron

It is difficult but not impossible to survive in this world without loved ones. For someone there is no life, life will flow like that.
- Humayun Ahmed bengali love quotes

When you fall in love, a fool becomes intelligent, a growing fool.
- Scott smiles

There is a kind of weakness in loving someone intensely. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. This thing makes itself small.
- Humayun Ahmed

The song of reunion is played in the love of women, the pain of separation in the love of men.
- Rabindranath Tagore

Girls have third eye. With these eyes he quickly understands the matter of falling in love.
- Humayun Ahmed

No one can be an artist by winning in the case of love, he can get married by force.
- Washington Allston

There is no lust for the love that is available without asking.
- Humayun Ahmed

Falling in love with the same person many times is a sign of successful love.

The more secret the love, the deeper the love.
- Humayun Ahmed

Love is like a cigarette, which begins with fire, and ends with ashes.
- George Bernard Shaw

In war and love nothing is as planned.
- Humayun Ahmed

There is more joy in giving love than in receiving love.
- George Chapman

Almost everyone in this world falls in love with people of the opposite nature.
- Humayun Ahmed

Love is the ultimate expression of true fulfillment.
- Hall Rook Jackson

There are many kinds of oppression in the world. The oppression of love is the most terrible oppression. Nothing can ever be said against this oppression, it just has to be tolerated.
- Humayun Ahmed

There is no one in the world as miserable as he who did not get love, who could not love anyone.
- Keats

Deep love makes people dolls. The lover is the doll of the lover's hand or the lover is the doll of the lover. The two are never dolls together. Who will be the puppet and who will be the mastermind depends on the mental capacity. The thread of the doll is in the hands of the one who has more mental power.
- Humayun Ahmed

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