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It is wrong to fall in love with a model who has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Most people choose the wrong partner when it comes to making love with this idea. “

"To have a relationship with a man who has a low attitude towards a man or a woman means to bring unrest in life. Such men and women are never ideal companions. “

People who are not affectionate should never be loved.

Immature brains should never fall in love with anyone, they do not understand the meaning of the relationship and are extremely selfish.

I beg you with all my heart, let me know your heart and all the love between us. - (Emperor Henry VIII) 

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Suffering without purpose is meaningless.
- Ayami Marin

Patience is the best medicine for all sufferings.
- Napoleon

If you want to get the best thing is to suffer.
- Theresa Thomson

Do not be the cause of your own suffering, because it is very terrible.
- Lynne Taylor

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People solve new problems because of constant suffering.
- Jacob

 Learn to share the pain, it will help you a lot.
- Dorothy

As life becomes more difficult, the path to success will continue to be dirty.
- Tigan Woods

There is an extremely difficult event behind the fulfillment of every wish.
- Lev Grossman

He who has never suffered, he will never know how sweet the fruit of suffering.
- James Baren

A real person suffers with a smile because he knows the consequences.
- Thomas Payne

Do not think of predicting trouble, because it can make you weak.
- Neo locus

Suffering is not the solution to any problem, its ultimate consequence is suicide.
- Th Petri

I want to stay away from trouble, but it has found me again and again.
- Rick Ridoran

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One of the happiest moments of life is the moment of achieving something through hardship.
- Dustin Mivai

Not everyone shows love in times of trouble, those who show it are your true benefactors.
- Euripides

Suffering and life are related because if you suffer, that suffering will give you something good.
- Katie Magarsi

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