Attitude Happy Alone Quotes | Facebook Status For Sad Life

"Tears 😢is our word, so hard to explain Jake."

“Flaws 🤔are in everyone but they are visible 🧐to others.”

"I have become so emotional that I can't even express my pain in status..."

"Don't ever get so caught up in someone's love that it's hard to get out. Because people can change at any time.”

“I'm at that stage in life when I don't have to worry about anyone coming and going. ✌️”

“I am only a passage of time, this I know. But there will come a day when they will miss this time pass a lot.”

“I have never been in a relationship for money. He whose mind is full moves slowly.”

"Why don't you tell me straight now the mind doesn't want to talk."

"The destination is angry because the heart is sitting on an unknown path..."

"Real loss happens when you lose something you love more than yourself."

"It is necessary to have some imperfections, to be human and to be human 😉..."

"What is the use of explaining pain to someone who does not understand pain !"

"Sometimes you have to run to see who will follow 😶‍🌫️you."

"The only things that hurt your feelings are the ones you think are yours."

"What can be done with sorrow that is caused for no reason 😩?"

"The secret to being happy is to accept the way you are in life and treat each day as a new day and make the most of it."🗝️

Happiness is a choice, not an outcome..!!

Take time to please your soul .

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Happiness is the natural flower of duty.

You will be just as happy as you want to be.

Happiness has no exact address, happiness is everywhere.

Everything is easy when you are happy.

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