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“Memories fade surprisingly quickly. But I don't go with him. The memories I treasure the most, I never see fading.” 

"Memory is not the past, but the key to the future."

“Memories are the treasures we lock deep in the vaults of our souls because they warm our hearts when we are lonely.” 

"All things may come to an end but memories last forever."

"The best memories are the ones where we didn't expect anything in return for helping someone."

“The most beautiful thing about memories is that they are completely yours; Whether good, bad, or indifferent, is yours alone.”

“Bad times reveal the truth!”
– Somya Kedia

“Sometimes the good moments hurt more than the bad.”
– Kate Jacobs

“There is always a lot to learn from bad times, and many people who thrive learn from bad times to find a way.”
– Olic ice

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“Bad times in life always lead to great times.”
– M. Night Shyamalan

“You need bad times to be a good and strong player.”
– Jerome Boateng

“There are good times and bad times, but our moods change more than our luck .”
– Thomas Carlyle

"If you don't have bad times, you can't appreciate good times."
– Joe Torre

“It's easy to be a good person when times are good.”
– Mokokoma mokhonowana

“My family is always there for me in good times and bad times.”
– Anthony Gonzalez

“Even bad times are temporary.”
– Garima Sony – The world of sound

“A good business will survive good times and bad times.”
– Theo Paphitis

“In bad times, the rich usually get richer.”
– Stuart Wilde

“You call it my bad time, I call it my showtime”
– Dr. P.S. Jagadish Kumar

“What you sow in your bad times, you will reap in your good times”
– Dr. P.S. Jagadish Kumar

“When times are bad, people are forced to overeat.”
– Don DeLillo

“There are always good times and bad times.”
– Keylor Navas

“Life is a mixture of good and bad phases. Make the most of the good times and never lose hope in the bad.”
- Dr. Prem Jagyasi

“Keep the bad times away because the good times always come. When you come out the other side, it's amazing."
– Tony Kanal

“Problems are guidelines, not stop signs! "
– Robert H. Schuler

“A heart prepared for adversity in bad times hopes, and in good times fears change of fortune.”
– Horus

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