Top 10 Most Richest Fictional Characters of All Time Forbes

1. Jay Gatsby- $1 Billion

Recollect Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby? The Great Gatsby's title character is a thirty-year-old young fellow who rose from unfortunate starting points in provincial North Dakota to turn out to be fabulously well off. He arrived at this grandiose desire, in any case, by taking part in coordinated wrongdoing exercises like the circulation of unlawful liquor and the exchanging of taken resources. 

As a kid, he had a troublesome life, yet during the 1920s, he made his abundance as a peddler. However Gatsby has consistently wanted to be well off, his adoration for Daisy Buchanan, whom he met as a youthful military fighter in Louisville prior to passing on to serve in World War I, was the main thrust behind his prosperity. 

Daisy's demeanor of extravagance, effortlessness, and appeal attracted Gatsby right away, and he misled her about his own childhood to convince her that he was adequate for her. Gatsby committed himself to recovering Daisy from there on out, and his huge number of wealth, his acquisition of a gaudy chateau on West Egg, and his intricate week after week parties were all means keeping that in mind.

2. C. Montgomery Burns- $1.5 Billion

The Simpson character was naturally introduced to an unfortunate family however was sufficiently lucky to be taken on by a rich tycoon who imparted in him the worth of cash. Consumes is known for his absence of noble cause and really focusing on his representatives and business, as per The Things, as long as the cash continues to come in. 

Charles Montgomery, a person on the TV show "The Simpsons," is played by Harry Shearer, who recently played Christopher Collins. This common person is Homer Simpson's chief and the abhorrent owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. 

Mr. Burns was named #10 on Forbes' "Fictitious 15," #45 on Wizard Magazine's "Most prominent Villains of All Time," and #2 on TV Guide's "Nastiest Villain" list.

3. Richie Rich- $5.8 Billion

Richie Rich, the world's most affluent kid, got his colossal fortune from his folks. His definite age is obscure, yet dear companions gauge that he is around eight years of age. He seldom goes to class, liking to invest his energy in his eminent manor, where he has no less than two of all that a kid could want. Richie is known as "the unfortunate minimal rich kid," yet he has gained notoriety for being well mannered and courteous.

Unlike different tycoons, Richie Rich is focused on effectively utilizing his cash by putting resources into projects that he feels will work on the world. His distraction is to help people in need all over the world, every now and again joined by his house keeper and head servant, Cadbury.

4. Bruce Wayne- $9.2 Billion

Considering that Bruce Wayne's superpower is basically "being sufficiently rich to obtain contraptions and karate guidance," the Batman ought to be exceptional. Wayne procured huge wealth in the wake of watching his folks bite the dust while he was youthful, enough to purchase the batmobile. 

Behind his dad's organization, Wayne Enterprise, Wayne went through his days doing combating wrongdoings like those he had encountered as a kid. Wayne's total assets is assessed to be $9.2 billion, and his organization, Wayne Enterprises, has a $31.3 billion yearly deals, as per Forbes.

5. Charles Foster Kane- $11.2 Billion

Does the name 'Resident Kane' ring a bell? Charles Foster Kane, the fundamental person, was the subject of Orson Welles' 1941 film 'Resident Kane.' This fanciful person's story is practically indistinguishable from Gatsby's. They were both unfortunate when they were conceived, however Charles' fortune came when his family got a mine that ended up being wealthy in gold.

Resident Kane is an exemplary film that follows Kane from a penniless youth to the wealth of a huge paper realm. Cultivate Kane claims in excess of 50 papers all over the planet and gathers Greco-Roman sculptures, snow globes, and fascinating creatures.

6. Tony Stark- $12.4 Billion

The youthful business person turned into a tycoon because of Stark Industries. Obvious augmented his dad's business as well as concocted Iron Man, an Avengers colleague, with an architect's psyche and creator's ability. In the duel of tycoon playboys, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man barely overcomes Wayne. 

While Forbes puts Stark in front of Batman as far as abundance, the paper records Stark Industries' deals ($20.3 billion) as lower than Wayne Enterprises'. It's all a direct result of Wayne's magnanimity.

7. Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks- $36.2 Billion

"Daddy" Warbucks, in the same way as other of the super-rich, came from a low and humble foundation and made his fortune during World War I. During WWII, he rose to the position of three star general and was notable for his graciousness in focusing on Little Orphan Annie. Quite a bit of his fortune has been committed to noble cause in line with his receptive girl, and his fortune keeps on developing. Throughout the long term, his cash seems to have varied, and allegations exist that he was constrained to take from Annie's stash. His total assets is at present assessed to be $ 36.2 billion.

8. Carlisle Cullen- $46 Billion

Carlisle's prosperity is a demonstration of the force of self multiplying dividends. On the off chance that you begin putting resources into the sixteenth 100 years and keep your overheads low, your fortune will be truly significant - for this situation - following 400 years or somewhere in the vicinity. 

Carrying on with a moderate way of life is surprisingly costly, yet the Forbes gauge of $46 billion is bewildering, particularly given that the man seems to bring in no cash by any stretch of the imagination.

9. Smaug- $54.1 Billion

Smaug the mythical serpent is infamous for storing, ruining, attacking, and by and large doing anything devilish and terrible. As numerous cutting edge business visionaries have found, this is a dependable way to gigantic riches. 

He invests most of his energy napping on top of his monstrous heap of gold, precious stones, rubies, emeralds, and different resources, so when he at long last finds time to invade, he looks beautiful - gold and gem encrusted without a doubt. 

Smaug's total assets is challenging to evaluate; writers who have mentioned meets and visited the Withered Heath past the Gray Mountains have only sometimes been heard from once more. The broadly acknowledged esteem is $60 billion, yet in light of the fact that it is principally held in gold and gems, it is inclined to huge variances in accordance with the ware market.

10. Scrooge McDuck- $65.4 Billion

Penny pincher's account has been informed many times throughout the long term. He has large chunk of change, however he likewise doesn't have any desire to share it. Donald Duck's uncle has had everything, from Mickey's Christmas Carol to the Ducktales series, and he keeps on bringing in cash through hard agreements and thrifty spending. 

His age is obscure, but he is thought to associate with ninety years of age. Donald Duck's uncle on his mom's side, and of Scottish beginning. He is many times viewed as the world's richest duck, and the way that he is a Pekin duck proposes conceivable Chinese ties, yet China was not the monetary behemoth it is presently when he was growing up. 

The wellspring of Scrooge McDuck's wealth is obscure, yet it is remembered to have come from mining and, all the more as of late, treasure hunting. A figure of $70 billion has been drifted, however there is not a chance of knowing without a doubt. 

What is clear, however, is that the duck, similar to his namesake, is essentially as merciless as a can of ice on a virus winter's day.

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