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If it was raining, I would have touched your eyes.
I would wash away the sadness in my eyes in an instant.
You hugged me all over the cloudy body,
Trouble could not hurt you unnecessarily ..!

sad quotes about love

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The winter moon,
Standing in the fog,
Give me your hands,
If the cold touch of dew, the mind is thrilled. "
Understand that I am by your side all the time.

I remember when you were silent. "
"I think I'll just feel you all the time"
"I dream of you in the blink of an eye"
“I think you believe in me.

sadness quote

In the union of the selfishness of love. Separation Without, not so honeyed.
Reunion after separation is as honeyed as honey.

My fountain flows in my eyes, sad song in my mind.
If I don't find you, I will give my life.
I want to hear your words, I want to hold your hand.
How can I live without you, day and night!

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I do not know what love, I do not understand what love, just Crus Crus mind burns !!
I don't know, in any fire, I will die in this fire

Personal Attitude

You're angry today, I'm sorry about that.
When I die tomorrow, who will show anger?
The rules are like this, one day I will die,
You will understand that day, I only loved you ……!

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Be happy be sad
Don't keep the news anymore.
You're good to me now
Don't sit still.
With as much love as there was
I was you.
Yet you do,
Don't understand me.

Positive quotes

I gave a handful of dreams,
Build like yourself;
I gave a handful of love,
Take care
I gave a handful of pain,
Let the pain turn blue;
I gave a drop of rain,
Soak the mind;
I gave a handful of colors,
Arrange the earth;
I gave a handful of air,
Take a deep breath;
I gave a handful of rainbows,
Paint the mind.

From a few clouds, there is light rain.
From short stories, love is created.
Sometimes when you call, the relationship is sweet.

Love is an object
Never make you laugh
You will get mud.
Sometimes sweet dreams, sometimes
It will break your heart.
Ever float in the sea of ​​happiness,
Never again
Yet people love,
Yet people dream, because this
Maybe people because they have everything

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