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There comes a time to get lost
Some time comes again to find and hold
Sometimes it's time to understand, to explain,
There comes a time to use time.

Only you, as the parent can know for sure
That's why I see you from afar
You smile a little so-
I get the sweet light of the moon.

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I can give you a little light by telling the moon
Seeing me in that light, Neo Paran filled me
I will blow away the wind above the clouds
I will take you to your own house in the evening.

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I don't want a thousand of them, I want a moon
I don't want a thousand flowers, I want a rose
I don't want a thousand births, I want one birth-
In that life I feel like only you.

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I sent a letter to Megha today
I have a lot of work to do
Rain once you tell him-
Friend, I am with you, in the midst of a thousand jobs.

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You are my colorful dream, the artist's color picture
You are my moonlight, morning sun
You are the only shore in the middle of my river
You are the flower of my love.

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If I don't find you, I'm in this life
This life will be based on me
The light is in my eyes
You are the man of heart in this world of love
I hope you are in my life
I will build a house of love in your mind.

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Day after day, day after day, it floats in the current of time
Someone cries and someone laughs, that's what happens
Find out next-
Someone loves you more than his life.

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I feel sad
I will tell you who I am
There are no people to listen to
So I get my own trouble
See you one day
I will say everything in my mind.

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I am the sky trouble my clouds
Moonlight is my passion, rain is my cry
The sun is my smile, if you do, you will understand -
How much i love you friend

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I think you came in front of the rain wet feet
As if water is painted on the chest of the sky
I think you understand when you smile
The dream sky matches the bird's wings.

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The clouds are floating in the sky for you
The dream kite for you is floating in the air
I have a heart full of love for you
Only my God knows this.

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Take life, the sea is my heart, its arrow
Friend is the wave of the sea, you can have many waves in the sea,
But the question is, can all the waves touch the arrow?

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Flowers need sunlight
Dew needed in the morning
And I need you
I love you

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I don't know if there are different rules of love
But I don't know the rules by which I love you
All I know is that I love you so much.

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