Happy Birthday SMS | Birthday Text Message Wish Quotes

One more year you can,
Be happy be beautiful
I wish this again and again.
***** Happy Birthday ****

New hope, new life,
New smiles, new songs.
New morning, new light,
May the new day be good.
Forget the sadness,
Welcome newcomers.
<<< Happy Birthday >>>

One more year passed,
Another candle will rise,
I was yesterday and I'm still today,
Your birthday mate
(((Happy Birthday)))

Birthday poems
Everyone wishes with flowers,
I will either do it with my heart,
Someone will say, someone will give a gift,
I will either let you know via SMS.
<<< Happy Birthday >>>

May you live in the bliss of God,
Let the dreams come true 12 months,
Wishes are like butterfly wings,
Get rid of all the misery in your life.
((((Happy Birthday)))

Mind like mind all the time looking for the mind,
You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.
There are so many hopes hidden in the empty mind,
One of them is your love.
<<<< Happy Birthday >>>>

Erase the old pain,
Open the window of the mind,
Wipe away the tears,
Forget all the pain.
Awaken all new hopes.
+++++ Happy Birthday +++++

This day comes again and again,
I am surrounded by you so that I can dream a lot.
"" "" "" Happy Birthday "" "" "

Someone's favorite Saturday,
Someone again Sunday,
My only favorite day,
That is your birthday.
<<<< Happy Birthday >>>>

Today is your birthday,
Let life be very colorful.
Happiness does not disappear,
Sadness never comes.
(((((Happy Birthday))))

Be more fresh on this special day,
Happy birthday to you with love

I have a thousand loves for you,
Millions of roses.
In my heart among thousands of people
I know you will stay.
((((Happy Birthday))))

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

Sleep a little longer at this bar,
I see that one more year has passed than the eye match.
***** Happy Birthday *****

Hope this day
Life is joy
From the path of truth ever on the journey
Will not move
Happy birthday
((((Happy Birthday))))

Warm birthday wishes
The most beautiful I know
To the man, in your smile
Illuminated all around, a lot
Love is for you
>>>>>>> Happy Birthday <<<<<<<

Have a nice day
Today is your birthday.
You have a smile on your face,
Flower Weak Well.
As the rose smiles in the midst of a thousand flowers,
That's how your life is, friend.
As if floating in the sea of ​​happiness.
>>> Happy Birthday <<<

Not from the throne of any king
Not from the foothills of the Himalayas,
৭ The sea is not across 13 rivers
Let me tell you from the little cottage of my heart.
>>>> Happy Birthday <<<<

Happy Birthday:
Happy birthday
Love and affection
Will reach you
This is just my hope.
** Happy Birthday **

Cut to joy and exhilaration
As if every day,
Greetings, yours today
*** Happy Birthday ***

Good night good day
Your birthday is coming up
What can I give you on your birthday?
So many roses
One book without love
There is nothing that I do.
*** Happy Birthday ***

Sometimes I think it's your birthday
Declare a national holiday,
Upper All, you are our national asset
Until that happens
We let you know
"Happy Birthday"

I pray for you
12 months of joy
Happy 52 weeks
365 days of success
60 hours of good health
And 52600 minutes of good luck
*** Happy Birthday ***
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