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My acquaintance with the girl is around 2018-19.
Then he would talk normally like a good friend.

But one thing I thought was that all of a sudden I started to have more and more research.
Since I know she has two children (14 & 12) so no other thoughts came then.

There was a time when I started talking more and more about topics like love.

As a friend, maybe I also talked about this topic.
She knew in that look that I had a relationship with a girl.
But at one time he used to ask strange questions, such as whether it is a problem to have more than one relationship, whether it is possible to fall in love as a friend, 

whether it is a problem to have a relationship with someone younger and whether I really love my girlfriend. But he also knows my relationship with my girlfriend for many years.
Anyway, I used to joke about things from time to time and sometimes I used to avoid them.

One day I said in an angry tone that I don't like to discuss this topic and I gain a lot from my girlfriend.

From then on, the talk became less and at one time completely off.
How do I knock on emo one day in 2021? There was no number and I didn't know at first because I didn't have pictures in the emoji. Gives pictures later. 

Anyway then hi hello and talk like before
She always told me she didn't like her husband. Their marriage age will be around 15-16. They are seen together or together 3-4 times. Her husband lives abroad.

She had an affair with a boy younger than her. The money earned by the husband was given by the boy. The boy didn't even talk about marrying her. But the bastard also took money from him and married another girl. It will be 4-5.

He shared all the joys and sorrows with me and told me everything.
The funny thing is, she wants me to give her time as a boyfriend at Edge. I will give him time as his movements are absolutely crazy but as a friend. But he used to talk about marriage again and again.

When I told her to have a husband, why me again?

The husband does not like the previous answer.

The reason why she doesn't like her husband is that she is told to do household chores, to serve her husband's mother, that is, her mother-in-law (mother-in-law is sick).

She is not satisfied with what she does, but her husband is not.
The funny thing is that his family knows this and his family is upset with him.

I asked him openly, "Well, what happiness do you really want? Doesn't someone love you? Do you need a private person to do that?"
The answer is not to say these things, but also to love like a husband. What is love like a husband is not left to understand.

Los Angeles, her father's family lives in another district of her marriage. Dhaka is really to meet again and again.

There are also two daughters. What can be done now to explain to such a person that his head is not working.

Maybe the goat will lose everything later in the madness. He is 26 years old. 2 years older than me.
Mashallah both the girls have grown up. And once he trusts someone so stupid, he starts spending money.

If I move away from her life, I may be introduced to someone else, and it may not be clear what the situation will be.

Please give good advice. Don't let anything bad happen to me and this girl. He can make a serious decision in a hurry.
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