Good Night SMS Collection | Short Romantic Good Night Message For Him

Sweet sweet night, there is no moon in the sky
Cloud-covered sky, cold cold wind
The birds are asleep, the fireflies give a soft light.
Let you know ** good night ****

Friend you are good
It's late at night,
Sleep told me.
*** Good night ***

Night means deep intoxication, dreaming hope,
Night means hiding, warm love,
Night means closing the eyes, opening the wrapper of the memory,
The night means you say my ‘good night’.

The birds of the night flutter their wings, calling to you sweetly,
Peek into the moonlight, saying it's night for you,
The sky is the blue side of the country, saying go to sleep now.
**** good night ****

Close your eyes, it's late at night,
Good morning, I'll see you again tomorrow,
Dream all night long
Many nights, let's sleep and dive into the sea.
**** good night ****

Good Night Picture

Morning is gone, noon is gone, evening is gone at the end of the afternoon,
Good night now, goodbye friend, good night,
People in deep sleep dream, as if sweet,
Good night near the new morning.

Look at the stars of the night and see the sky floating
I feel happy when I find a true friend
I know a bird waking up at night is a passenger in my path
It's time to dump her and move on.

The night is not just a reservoir but a little light
The night is not only bad, dreams are good
So go to sleep, stay well.
"Good night."

The morning ended in silence
The afternoon ended in fatigue
The afternoon ended in silence
The night started with the game of stars and moons
Surround yourself with nightmares.
<<< Good night >>>

Night means deep intoxication, the hope of dreaming
Night means hidden warm love
Night means opening the wrapper of Sweet with the eyes closed
Night means to say good night to you.

They flickered away
Calling you in a sweet tone
Peek into the moonlight
Says it's night for you
The sky is the blue of the country
Says go to sleep now
(((Good night)))
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