Good Morning SMS Collection | Good Morning Prayer Message Wish for Him

Leaning on the top of a thin grass
At the touch of a drop of dew
Fill your every morning.
*** Good morning ***

At the end of the night of dreaming
Returned to the land of sleep
The sun shone from behind the black clouds
Look at the writing of new dreams in the light of dawn.
(*** Good Morning ***)

The first golden light of dawn
The dream was awakened anew
On dewy grass leaves
At the touch of your hand,
Good morning, good night.
So sweet face say good morning

Bangla good morning sms
In the morning I heard the cuckoo call
A flock of white deer flies in the distant sky
The mind is intoxicated by the cool breeze
Dude wish you all the best

If you hold hands
I will bring a new morning
I will start anew
Let me tell you friend
*** Happy Good Morning ***

The little bird said and came to my ears
Surya Mama wakes up and pulls something new
Be happy, be good, be in love
I told you sweet morning in small sms
(((Good Morning)))

Good Morning Picture

Good morning calm mind
How are you friend
Night fell and dawn came
I'm good to be friends
Stay well all day
Good morning to you.

Soft light every morning
On the bank of the river,
Good morning
In the temple of your heart.
(((Good Morning)))

When night falls, it will be dawn
Happiness will extinguish them
A new day will come
Let the day be immortal
Good luck to you every day.
*** Good morning ***

Gentle morning blue sky
The wind is blowing softly
I open my eyes and pull you
Keep me in your mind
Have a nice day
I wish you good morning.

The cuckoo is singing,
The call of the new day
The sun will rise and give light
You have a good day.
*** Good morning ***

I live in the flower garden in the morning birds
Call in a sweet tone to wake up
Have a good day all day
Good morning to you

It's morning, open your eyes, tell me to sleep
My SMS has reached your friend's house
May you be filled with the scent of flowers this morning
That's why I wish you a sweet good morning.

Let a new sun rise, let seven colored flowers bloom
Bumblebees on the chest of the flower, the leap of happiness
Have a nice new day.
**** Good morning ***

At the end of the sleepless night, the sun rose again laughing
The light came on again, it is better for everyone to spend the day
The new day has started, let me know this time (Good Morning)
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