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The thing we do most in life is acting. And the thing that you have to do the most while acting is the practice of lying. He who can free himself from the circle of acting and lies will get the taste of real liberation.
The status of suffering

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Believe it or not, I say - the color of love is green.

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The song that the captive bird sings is the song of liberation.
Dictators are free but they cannot enjoy freedom.

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"When the will is present the way lives in the future, when the way is present the will goes to the past"

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The memories that we cherish as happiness, the memories of those happy times make us the most upset!

The story of the protagonist whose name is "I" and the protagonist's name is "you" takes a great deal of effort to read the story! Once upon a time, I thought - this story is my story!


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I am greatly amused when I hear educated insults in the face of the highly educated.

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Sometimes it happens that he wants to live with the thought of dying in a hurry.
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This world is not a sweet place for emotional people

Readymade and self-written life needs a constitution

After losing, I realized how important it was to win

I once thought that one day I would become everyone's favorite - now I realize that the quality of being someone's favorite is utterly missing in me.

That's when my father flew away - from then on I started living a shadowless life

Some people walk around with their eyes open and in their pockets, wearing glasses on the tip of their noses. The number of those people is increasing day by day.

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