A Sadness Short Love Story | The Story of Love

The man I kept so close for 7 years is today the bridegroom of others, it may be admitted that I have given money to him with great difficulty, without eating alone, walking on foot, 

leaving him in his empty pockets, taking him to the hospital for treatment of his illness. I'm feeding her, I'm helping her with my money, and she hurts my parents, she hurts me so much, 

she hurts me so much, today she's all I have, she doesn't want to make her self-esteem smaller, she spends her life, she spends her life. Even though I was young, I only needed Maya Thake, what did I get without humiliation, that I had the whole world around me,

What was the point of dreaming so much, what an innocent simple helpless girl like me got cheated like this, it is the fault of a foolish man like me, what happens to the boys like this, and this distance will never be talked with. 

Isn't it enough for him to have love? 

I do not want to be sick in the midst of happiness, I will go far away from where I can never go back, may Allah judge it, I am sick, I can't bear it anymore, I give you all the happiness of my life today, I give you all the colors. I haven't lost your happiness for the rest of my life, 

I haven't lost it, starting from the color of the walls of the house, all my favorites were the identity of others, all the others, so much self-sacrifice, how much or what I will do if I survive one day? Pele cheated on me?

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